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Awwwwwww, thanks you guys! You all are so nice!!!

Anyway, the contest was this (this is a quote from my post yesterday where I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't won the contest. In fact they just announced the winners a day late):
10 winners (and their guests) get to go to a soundcheck party before the show! I'm guessing they get to meet Neil, but even if they don't they get a practically private concert AND they don't have to freeze their a**** off in line.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Even if I don't get to meet Neil, I think it's going to be a blast. I sure hope I do, though, and yes I'll need your encouragement to be able to speak coherently.

I was just telling Sue that winning feels very foreign to me, and I'm waiting to hear that it was all some sick joke. I actually feel kinda guilty (ah, you can take a girl out of the catholic church but you can't take the catholic church out of the girl). I never win anything, at least not before today! I'm going to try to just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it.

Anyway, I wish all of you could be there too, but I will definitely give a full account and hopefully be able to take lots of pictures. Do you have any special requests, should I get the opportunity to meet him?

Really, thanks so much for your kind words you guys. I think I'm gonna cry! And laugh... and ...boy, I need to gain my composure before next Wednesday. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
awwwwwww cooooooooollllll!!!!!!

*congratulatory hug*

i know the feeling. i won pit tickets to my first radiohead show on oct. of 2000, the night before the gig. it's actually my favorite venue here in LA (greek theater), and to be an arm's length from my favorite band was a surreal experience.

have tons and loads of fun and good luck with the neil run-in!!

OMG you guys. I'm sorry to keep blabbering on but I just have to say that your posts are so nice that I honestly am getting all welled up!! I want to respond to each of you but it's so late and I'm so tired. And tomorrow I HAVE to get something done at work (I did NOTHING today). So please know that I read each post and each of you made me feel really happy. Thank you. I promise I will have a full account on Feb. 6.

In the meantime if any of you think of something clever I can say...
Dear Grace:

We are here for you! I'd like to go out on a limb by speaking for the group and say, though, we may be completely jealous, we are also just plain thrilled. How cool that one of us gets a "private audience" with Neil. We're all coming along in spirit!

To that end, if you need any help with the truly important questions during your preparation (what to wear, what to say, etc.), we are ready to assist!

It's true Jenn, she did. And I wish I could! I wish all of you lovely friends could be there to share the fun and help me overcome my nerves!

Anyway, I have to thank someone publicly right now: my friend Joan. You see, Joan and I both get WXRT weekly emails detailing upcoming events and contests. But I, foolishly, deleted my email before scrolling down to read about the Neil Finn contest. It was JOAN who came to my desk and told me about the contest, and JOAN who forwarded me her copy in order to enter. THANK YOU JOAN!!!

So I'm not sure if I get a private audience with Neil or not. Knowing how nice Neil is to his fans, I tend to think he'll do something nice for us. But for my own sanity I'm trying to make sure I don't get overexcited about the prospect. BUT IF I DO get a chance to meet him, YES I need advice on what to say. PLEASE!!!! What to wear is really a lost cause, I hate all my clothes and the weather here lately makes for unavoidable hat-head and other fashion nightmares. Wink
Ask him what his favorite variety of cheese is. Or suggest that he take Elroy to an ice hockey game before leaving the US. Or ask him what his favorite video game is, and recommend one called Dark Age of Camelot. Certainly, those he probably hasn't heard too often. Big Grin

My nightmare is just like that Gap commercial where the lady sees this great-looking guy, walks up to him, and all she can think of to say is "Hi. Nice pants." And he gives her a look and walks away and her friend goes "NICE PANTS????" and punches her in the arm. I have a deep fear that my mind will blank and I'd say something equivalent to "nice pants." Thanks to a few rowdies in DC, though, (you know who you are) I may actually have something to talk about with him coherently.

I'm having a "what do I wear" conundrum also, Grace. Do you have any slick-looking hats that can stay on your head the whole time? I used to, but don't anymore. It's going to be BRUTAL cold outside, but then when you get inside, you could get too hot, and then, where do you put coats and sweaters and things when you get in? hmmmmmmph...
Originally posted by Heidi from Pittsburgh:
Jenn: for the record, I did ask Grace whether you would fit under her raincoat
How sweet!!!! Thanks! Smiler

But, I did have a chance to meet Neil already, I had a fantastic opportunity because it was a meet and greet. I already feel like the luckiest person in the world! I never thought that would happen, and I was actually standing right by him and he said my name, whoo hoo! Wink
So, don't feel guilty Grace, enjoy it, even if you don't meet him, you are having a special unique experience!
For the record, I really wish that I was going to Chicago this time or to any other concert, not so much for Neil but so I can meet all you guys. Let's try, next time around (Finn Brothers?) to get together at one concert. I would do that even if I had to fly! Maybe by then I would have enough money...I'll start saving now. Wink
Have a really wonderful time Grace!
Heidi, you and I both have significantly increased our post totals in the past few days!

And Justin, (incidently the only forumite I've actually met in person), Heidi deserves our best wishes too for what may prove to be a repeat on-stage performance... so I actually didn't think your typo was strange at all! I witnessed the Convent Girls moment as well, and I don't think anyone but you could pull it off! BUT, I will DEFINITELY be requesting Walking on the Spot (as you did). I soooooooo want to hear that live. Swoon!

I liked the cheese question Heidi, I don't know why. It just made me giggle. For those of you who read that recent (idiotic) "Neil is arrogant" post by kid_a: I could say "I'm the spoiled youngest child from a large family too!" You think he'd like that?

And thanks pinahead. Yeah, Frenz support is the best! Smiler Smiler
Oh, how cool, Grace! Or should I say "warm", since you'll be inside long before the other fans? Smiler I love to hear about when true fans win those contests---lots of times, the winners are those people who do nothing but enter every contest, regardless of whether they like the band or not!

Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy every minute! And we do expect a full report!

Already starting to shiver in anticipation of Detroit on 4 February...literally!! ((grins))

I can't BELIEVE I missed this thread the first time!!
FINNTASTIC news Grace !! I am really Chuffed for you!! Have a wonderful time.

You can tell him that there are people all over the world that love him and talk about his music daily.
Oh, and tell him from me that the Boston show was class!

Lucky lucky lucky lucky duckie !!!!!!

Much love
(a very excited) Siren

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