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Dragging up another old thread...I think that this needs to be added onto anyways - alright all you new people, let's see those pictures!

I just wanted to show off my photo editing skills! Wink I've gone from complete computer illiterate to figuring out how to edit photos, etc...(So nice to have time to kill at work. Wink )

Here's one of my niece and I rollerskating, my nephew is in the pic too. But I cropped this, brightened it etc!

Here is me with two of my friends (my friend Mim's bachelorette.) When this picture was sent to me it was huge! I made it smaller and then cropped it...

Thanks to everyone that has time and again posted how to copy, upload, download, paste, etc. I owe you!
Originally posted by tonguetied:
[qb] Aw come on! how come its so easy to add my pic to my profile but I can't change my avatar or add a pic here? Grrrrrrrr i hate technology! [/qb]
For some reason the avatar thing is more picky. Like I have an account with and it let's me host pictures for free as long as I keep getting pictures developed through them. It will work with the image function here, but it will not work for the avatar. Maybe since it's not a jpg file through snapfish? Anyway, right now I'm using to host my avatar - so far seems to work and it's free but I've heard the site crashes from time to time....

edit: Ingrid, you are using the image button right? You're pasting the URL into it? (took me forever to figure that one out!)
Thanks everybody!!

Hey Mlee.....In 2 more days I'll be 18 weeks. What did your friend name her son?? Neil suggested Desmond, but I REALLY don't like it! BLAH! And evidently, there's some lawsuit happening in WA right now prevented disclosure of the gender of the baby. Sucky!! So I'll have to be prepared either way!

Gen, I'm all for Desmond too! What cooler nickname than "Des" or "Dez"? Trust me, I know what I'm on about here...I had no hand in the naming of my children and my son is saddled with the name Kostandinos after his paternal granddad. Kostas is his everyday name...but the horror of it all is that the "Americanisation" of Kostandinos is "Gus". Let me tell you, if ANYONE EVER EVER EVER calls my sweet little guy "Gus" there will be violence on the local/national news that night! ARRRGGHHH! I can't even stand thinking of it. Shuddering....Shelli
Originally posted by wuntie:
[qb] The many faces of Silke, all of them cute! The blue hair look was great, but I think I like the shot with the slightly heavier-framed glasses the best...not too many people can pull off that look as well as yourself. Smiler [/qb]
thanks, that's so sweet of you
you really think the nicest is that one in the middle with my black glasses?
because that's shot in the early morning after a night with only 3 hours of sleep and masses of beer at debs johnson's house. actually, right next to me there are simon (krowdie) and daniel b. - it was like a little meeting of friends who hung out on the last tour...

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