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Ok guys, I was inspired by all these pics.......I've FINALLY got my new website off the ground! Not too many pics yet.......ok, there's only ONE so far, and it's of my b/f! But as you can tell, I'll have my own page of Neil-stuff.....including pics from the Tower Records show in Seattle last year! The design is taking WAY more time than I'd anticipated, so I'll post again when I've got new pics up. Have fun all!

You know Jenn, seeing your pictures made me think - you look so much like your avatar! Big Grin
(Sort of like what Sweet Secret Peace said about me, with one of my poses apparently looking like my avatar... hmmm well I don't know, but I always find it helps to lift up your chin while being photographed! Unless you have boogers, LOL...)
Thanks Jenn,

You do look like your avatar. So glamorous!! It is fun seeing everyone's pictures. I feel so homely compared to all you gorgeous folks.

Anyway, I added a second picture of me with some members of my family taken in October. It's the same link,, and from left to right it's my niece Nia, my brother Tom, my sister-in-law Beth Ann (she's married to my brother Paul but Paul isn't in the picture), my husband Noel, my mom, my brother John, and his wife Barbara.

It's not a much better picture of me, but you might recognize us at the next concert anyway.

On a party, me and Dan and fellow moderator Krowdie (the one with the beer)

The morning after the party I think. Had far too less sleep and that's how I look like.. Red Face
Will be visiting Debs and Mark again on Thursday Big Grin YAY, they are so lovely! Mark took these photos btw! So I don't have any copyright there! Just to make that sure in case you want posters or the like, hehe Big Grin
Fiona, I'm not sure about the avatar thing, whether it was subconcious choosing it or not. I know I was looking at all of them and I picked it because I really liked the bright colors. I would have something more original if I could but I can't figure out how to reduce the size so, I've just kept it.

Grace, I think you are cute. Smiler
Originally posted by kia kaha:
[qb]I always find it helps to lift up your chin while being photographed! Unless you have boogers, LOL...[/qb] [QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Paul_G:
[qb]or fingerprints[/qb]
Thanks Paul Wink Red Face ... as well as being fellow moderators who used to live within miles of each other, it seems we are now a comedy tag-team Wink Smiler Big Grin

Cheers Wink
Originally posted by Dr Hfuhruhurr:
[qb]sorry this picture thing is too complicated for me, but if anyone would like to come 'round and look at my itch...., erm i mean, etchings then you're more than welcome.[/qb]
Hee hee hee hee hee. Sure! Name the day and I'll be there. Will they be for sale?

This is so much fun. DrT Awww! She's a real beauty! Silke you and your sisters makin' faces!!! Priceless. Bedlamite Eeker (Low slung towel... shyeah. Slung on the floor most likely!) hee hee hee Those over thirty, say it with me: "Youth is wasted on the young!" *sigh* Grace, you've got my 'cute' vote, too!

Here's what I look like most of the time:

The Christmas Crew:

My son Royal, hubby Daniel, Mom, Me (in classic 'not yet ready for the photo' style- doh!) and my "step-twins" Kayla and Katie.

My pride and joy: my "Black & White Boy." Big Grin Cheeeez!
Originally posted by awamutu:
[qb]guy (shivers..)

you don't know how much that pic of the girly on the left looks like me...[/qb]
Smiler Really? Do you have a picture from back then? The girl is called Rachel and the boy on the right is Jelmer aka Zwarte Piet (in case of: Confused ;it's a long story) They are two of my way too sweet children. I'm studying to be a teacher and one day a week I have my own class along wth their regular teacher. Next week is my last day and I'm really going to miss them. I'm the headless one in the back btw.
Originally posted by Paul_G:
[qb]kia kaha,

I have to ask this because it's starting to drive me crazy. In the first photo of you back on page 2 somewhere, where you're wearing sunglasses, behind your left shoulder, is that building in the background my place of employment? And is that the sky needle next to it?

Paul, it is indeed the Brisbane Sky Needle (known to various cackling Westenders as "Stefan's Needle", but I didn't think you worked on Boundary Street...

(the photo was taken at Gloria Jean's Coffee Shop, up at the West End Shopping Centre, at what used to be the West End roundabout before they decided to put traffic lights in there instead.)

Okay now that the two of us have thoroughly bored the cr** out of the rest of the forum... Big Grin we return you to your regularly scheduled transmissions

(meaning, more pics, guys!)
Originally posted by Guy:
[qb]the boy on the right is Jelmer aka Zwarte Piet (in case of: Confused ;it's a long story)[/qb]
Aww! That's so sweet! For those who are confused I believe Zwarte Piet (pronounced schvartze pete) is a Christmas dude. Santa's helper (or something) in certain European cultures. It's very cute and Politically Correct for them... but of course you know that the "Blackface" get up went out with Al Jolson here in the States.

Most everyone knows this, but just for the record: Because of the US history of slavery, and oppression of the Black people here, it is seen as extremely insensitive and possibly even illegal (if not at least dangerous) in some places in the States--even if it is done with the very kindest sentiments and intentions--to dress up in "minstrel style." Bummer, huh? That's what you get when you grow up in a Nation that was founded on hypocrisy... very old "cultural wounds" that may never heal completely. But we try. Smiler

Good on you Guy for becoming a teacher. I hope the Netherlands is good to it's teachers. Probably so... I taught for five years and "burnt out," because of astronomical demands on my time and psyche for such LOW pay. Frowner *sigh* More problems related to that "fine American tradition" of unfairness, short-sightedness, greed. (Can I get another piece of Chocolate Cake? lol)
Wow! Thanks for the explanation SSP, very good.
Sinterklaas is a traditional feast here in the Netherlands and Belgium. It's been a tradition for at least 500 years and back then people from Africa were unseen here and Zwarte Piet was originally intended to be a helper of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) and Red Face had to scare the children. If you had been naughty you had to come with Sinterklaas in his bag back to Spain, which was a very exotic and faraway place back then. Nowadays, of course things have changed and Zwarte Piet is a very friendly helper.
And if you'd ask a child if Zwarte Piet ('Black Pete') is African or Afro-American they wouldn't understand. Zwarte Piet is just Zwarte Piet.
People here are very relaxed about a black helper and indeed some individuals here have complained and suggested a Groene Piet ('Green Pete') but as Sweet secret peace said we have a very different culture and past.
I think your Santa Claus is an American version of Sinterklaas brought along with Dutch immigrants a few hundred years ago. You all probably know that New York was originally called Nieuw-Amsterdam.
Sorry, just had to add that Big Grin

Too bad you had to quit your job it's a wonderful thing to be a teacher. Teachers are treated very good here, salary has increased over the years and it's very common to work two or three days.
Originally posted by Guy:
I think your Santa Claus is an American version of Sinterklaas brought along with Dutch immigrants a few hundred years ago. You all probably know that New York was originally called Nieuw-Amsterdam.
Sorry, just had to add that Big Grin [/qb]
Hey NEAT! I didn't know that-- makes sense now that the US and Canada have Santa Claus while a lot of other English speaking countries call Him Father Christmas. INteresting!!

Thanks teach! Hey, I don't feel bad about leaving "the profession of teaching," because in many ways I still am and will always be a teacher... I'm sure you know what I mean by that. Wink

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