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Thanks, Alison for the link, very useful and user-friendly. You can view my pic at:

[URL= x.html?]My pic[/URL]

Although after seeing what i look like, you will realise it wasn't worth the visit Confused
Arlington...what you've gotta do is: find your photo in the album and click on it. It should be the only photo on your screen. Now down the bottom left hand corner is a bit that says "link for auction". Click this. It will open a new window with the url for the photo...copy it & paste into your post using the image button below the posting area. Clear as mud? Wink

Oh BTW, little pic is Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds. If you're a sixties baby (like me) you'll remember them. But if you're (a) young (& I think you are Big Grin ) or (b) American or (c) all of the above, then you probably have no hope of remembering them. Wink
Hey Joanna, I don't think your pictures look "fuzzy" at all, did you see mine?

I guess if I want a better picture next time I get pictures developed I'll have to go through Snapfish too. I need to get hip with all the modern devices, I'm so far behind! Oh well..... Smiler

More pictures please! This is so fun, I love seeing what people look like!! Wink
Gemini... I followed the link, went away and allowed it to download (okay so I have WAY slow dial-up) and came back and...

Gosh - you are amazing. You're lovely. Smiler

Don't you dare take that picture down! (I say this as a happily married heterosexual girl, I might add... Wink ) You have a wonderful smile, and lovely skin... AND I could go on but I'd sound kinda creepy so I'll just say you're a STUNNER girl... you go!
Wait - I found a photo on an internal site for my company - let's see if this works....

Yea! This was taken at my Bachlorette party the night before I got married in March of 2001 (and taken before too many cocktails, I might add, although there is a rose in my cheeks!). My hair is much shorter now, but you get the idea....

Anne Francis

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