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I thought it'd be a great idea if everybody posts a picture of him or herself Smiler
We've got so many new members that we all should be hardly able to know how everybody looks like right now.

I'm the one in the middle with blonde hair and glasses - which I am not wearing anymore now because I got *yay* lenses.
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You can only display a picture which is currently hosted somewhere on the internet...if you're simply 'copy and pasting' from your local hard drive, then it won't work.

You'll need to find an image-hosting website (but not Yahoo!, as they don't always seem to work on here) which will host your photos so that you can link to them...I'm sure that someone will be able to give you some good suggestions...I've not yet found one that I trust!

Well,I did it the same way I got my avatar to FINALLY work.I followed the advice of going to and uploading the photo there..then copying it's URL.Then all I did was click on "Image" on this page under Instant UBB Code and pasted the URL there.And voila! There was my photo.Hope that helps.


Oh,and no I don't mind you saying so Arlington.Thank you. Wink
ok.... it's one thing to have a go at me about posting 'crap' on the forum....but it's another bag of roasted cashews soaked in sweet sweet smooth caramel to pay me out about my appearance.

Just because i have little or no regard to any of you're feelings doesnt mean I should have to be ridiculed on a forum for posting a picture of myself in good faith.... just trying to be nice and participate in a place I considered to be family (in a way that's not really family but people on a computer i dont know)....and then just have shallow superficial comments based on my looks.

it hurts.

Donovan, I hope you weren't talking about me? I meant nothing of the sort about your looks. I just meant that you're thick skinned enough not to have anything phase you..

I think it's just fine that site posted your Vegas pic in their "mullets galore" forum - or that's at least where I see the link for your pic pointing to. Smiler

More power to ya, man.
Donovan, I don't believe that anyone was knocking the way you look. I think they were light-hearted comments which made reference to the fact that that (a) you had a beard and (b) that you were not the sort of person to be scared off by anything, based on reading your previous tenacious style of posting on this board over the years.

However, hypocrtitical comments like this one of yours..
Just because i have little or no regard to any of you're feelings doesnt mean I should have to be ridiculed
..are likely to take credibility away from any points you try to make on here. People who see you being offhand and deliberately trying to provoke an argument will, in turn, be less likely to consider your feelings when it comes to any discussion involving you in public. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

However. All comments on here should be respectful and any personal bashing will be deleted by one of us Moderators. If you have a personal gripe with someone, get it onto email or PM and discuss it with them privately.
Thanks, Alison for the link, very useful and user-friendly. You can view my pic at:

[URL= x.html?]My pic[/URL]

Although after seeing what i look like, you will realise it wasn't worth the visit Confused
Arlington...what you've gotta do is: find your photo in the album and click on it. It should be the only photo on your screen. Now down the bottom left hand corner is a bit that says "link for auction". Click this. It will open a new window with the url for the photo...copy it & paste into your post using the image button below the posting area. Clear as mud? Wink

Oh BTW, little pic is Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds. If you're a sixties baby (like me) you'll remember them. But if you're (a) young (& I think you are Big Grin ) or (b) American or (c) all of the above, then you probably have no hope of remembering them. Wink
Hey Joanna, I don't think your pictures look "fuzzy" at all, did you see mine?

I guess if I want a better picture next time I get pictures developed I'll have to go through Snapfish too. I need to get hip with all the modern devices, I'm so far behind! Oh well..... Smiler

More pictures please! This is so fun, I love seeing what people look like!! Wink
Gemini... I followed the link, went away and allowed it to download (okay so I have WAY slow dial-up) and came back and...

Gosh - you are amazing. You're lovely. Smiler

Don't you dare take that picture down! (I say this as a happily married heterosexual girl, I might add... Wink ) You have a wonderful smile, and lovely skin... AND I could go on but I'd sound kinda creepy so I'll just say you're a STUNNER girl... you go!
Wait - I found a photo on an internal site for my company - let's see if this works....

Yea! This was taken at my Bachlorette party the night before I got married in March of 2001 (and taken before too many cocktails, I might add, although there is a rose in my cheeks!). My hair is much shorter now, but you get the idea....

Anne Francis
jester and chester -
okay. now that's funny.

so i see from your pics you are both musicians.

jester - none of the music links on the acoustic brownbag link for mac charles was working and now i'm kinda dying to hear your stuff. does it exist anywhere else?

and chester - you were playing the guitar in one of your photos there. do you have any webbased tunes? i think i recall you e-mailed me saying you listened to a couple of mine. so now i'm curious to hear these other musicians on this forum!
like rain:
Iv'e had a lot of complaints about being scarce on the net,as for that acoustic brownbag show,I don't know why it's not working. that's okay though because I never liked that show anyway, I wasn't quite awake for that one. unfortunately a lot of people booted it and passed it around.blech!

I wish I had a faster connection so as to hear everyones music properly.
Overall, it has become clear to me that we, "the Frenz" are a very handsome bunch, a group of unique, cosmopolitan and actually very "presentable" fans any music group should be very proud to have! That said, get ready, because here comes an onslaught of my unsolicited opinions about all the piccies on this thread, so far!

Here goes:

Silke – You give the impression of being a VERY good friend. And cute, too!! My favorite is the pic of you at the playground.

Brandi – not that I need to point it out again, but wow what a smile! Your friend in the pic seems COOL ASS, too. Love her smile and the great silly wink. No wonder you smile so big and so genuinely around her!

Prplmeanie - That costume ROCKS! We should all look so good in silver mini dresses and go-go boots! (Including Geddy! LOL.)

Donovan, your fanciful ‘do’ is just divine! I think Anslem is just jealous. Wink He must suffer from frequent “bad hair days,” I guess. LOL. Kidding, Anslem! (also trying to goad a picture out of you!!)

Geddy, you have kind eyes and a pretty mouth. (Is it P.C. to say that a man’s mouth is pretty?)

Kill Eye, smooches to you, darling. Thanks for sharing! *kisses *

As for me, I like the "pre-rack" me best. I looked smarter then, didn't I? Let’s face it we were all cooler at nine, weren’t we?

Alison, another pretty smile! Who’s the bloke, BTW? (Or have we already established that?) I remember seeing that TV show with the “steroid Barbie” too! Hee hee.

Jenn: no fair! I always wanted to be a dazzling blondie with a perfect smile who looks good even in fuzzy pictures!! It seems to me that your teeth can hold their own, even compared with brandi’s beautiful choppers… Wink Also, it seems you picked out the perfect avatar to describe yourself, given the choices provided.

Arlington… that first link is “expired.” Bastards. Even picturetrail has now started requiring money… therefore all my piccies are soon to disappear! Oh well, no great loss.

Mabelle- You are a cutie-patootie. No other way to describe it. Cute smile, pretty toes, ooh, and a bit of leg, even! You go girl! Hee hee.

Missing Person: Might I say that your mouth is also quite pretty? LOL. I’ve been to Adelaide, too!! What brought you there from Seattle? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sacredcow: That’s not a bad picture, really. I can see that you have cute dimples on your cheeks and nice thick, long hair. The way you’re balanced in front of the water would make me want to toss you in, though, to see if I could get a laugh or a smile out of you. Wink

Joanna: You have what I like to describe as “sunshine face.” No CYBORG at all!!! My best friend from school had that kind of sweetness about her. Also, how cool to have such a nice shot of you and Neil!!!

Arlington: OMG what a sweet baby face you’ve got! I’m sure the girls go gaga over you!

Dorthonion: Yeah!!! That’s really cute! Each of you seems like a “good catch!” I like your haircut, too, BTW: just enough curl up top without looking like Tim in the Never Ceases to Amaze Me video. Hee hee.

Belle: Bummer! All I’m gettin’ is the little red X and a “Remote Linking Forbidden.” The Funky Evilness thing is kinda fun, though. And you picked a cute AV… so good on you, anyway!

Speaking of Avs, Brandi… is that a Chicken McNugget, or what? LOL.

Kia: Again, I’m amazed at how MUCH the first pic you posted looks like your avatar! Same “chin up,” classy features and attitude. Kewl! But your second picture is even better, because it is so natural looking…shows off your pretty blue eyes and wavy hair. And, oh yeah, “nice tat!”

Gemini: I’m with Kia! You have a very “Laura Ingalls” wholesome beauty! Cheers and another glass of champers to you! LOL.

Anne: Look at that! Another beauty! A bachelorette party, huh? Come to think of it I CAN see that very healthy rose in your cheeks… and is that a devilish gleam in your eye? LOL.

Chester and Jester… I had fun surfing up those pics of you two. Suddenly… now and forever!…the two of you will always be linked in my mind.

HINT: Go to likerain’s profile and you can surf onto a couple of pics of her, too. Quite a lovely musician.

Houser: VERY cool avatar, and I did get a look at that sweet pic of you and your son before it turned into a little red X. Quite charming!

Alright now, let's see everybody else!!

I am particularly curious about:

stepinmyshoes, Anslem, suenotsusan, Error Gorilla, Secret:God, grace0418, Caledonia, Pet Eunuch, Betty, Siren, Paul_G, Jaffaman, boarderGurl, kaysee, JuddFinn, blueballoon and of course the REAL Donovan!!!

Give us a look, eh?
Ok, well it KINDA worked! That's actually the link to see all the pics I posted there, which is OK. finally worked! I'm working on a web page. I'll post the URL to that when I'm done. Or maybe I'll even post it while it's still under construction. Smiler

BTW, Arlington.....I LOVE the crayon TIE Fighters on your wall in the background! Wink

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