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Originally posted by Secret God '':
[qb] After thousands of requests from forum members Wink , I finally took some photos of me.
Yes, I know I look like a dumbass, but...
(Copy & paste the URLs, because the Yahoo f***wits don't allow it otherwise Mad )

Send all compliments my way Big Grin . [/qb]
you actually look handsome Smiler
Rock Fest! Or where I went on my summer vacation, by jenn (to view bands that played, click here) :

My friend Julie and I

This was just the first day!

Me, Julie and Kent..Julie was so excited because Def Leppard were playing that night!

This was not at Rockfest but I was using up the film

The "wild bunch": Me, Kent taking a power nap, Aaron and Kate (Julie was taking the picture)
Originally posted by awamutu:
what a devilish look you have jenn, i love it

Originally posted by wuntie:
Jenn, it looks like you had a blast! How were Def Leppard, anyway?
They were great! Really appreciative of their fans which was cool! My favorite performance was Heart. I had heard from others that Ann Wilson was great in concert but nothing can compare with actually hearing that voice in person. Holy ****!! I had major goose pimples! They did a cover of "Black Dog" and it was incredible! Oh and Alice Cooper wuntie, he was fantastic... he is so cool!

Originally posted by geddy:
Well, I was in one of my best friend's wedding this past weekend, so I may (no promises) have some pics of me in a tux here soon.
I'm with Ingrid - another vote for the tux pic! Please!? Wink look like you wear your hair a lot shorter than in 2001...but very nice picture of both of you. Smiler

Geddy...James Bond jokes aside, I agree...we wanna see a tux picture!!!

Ingrid, I're GORGEOUS!!!!!

Alison...Funny, but one friend I e-mailed my pictures to said "now those would have been cute if it had been a cat." So maybe you should send him yours, lol...

(To whoever asked, yes it's a beagle)

And Jenn...I always get such a kick out of the photos you have taken with your friends. You seem to have such a large group of people who cares about you, and seem to have a lot of fun. Smiler
I thought that dog looked a bit "beagly"...we used to have a beagle, Max, what a dog! However, I've discovered that Aussie beagles are a bit more beefy than their American counterparts.

I also wanna see Geddy in a tux. Send out the chant: Geddy in a tux,Geddy in a tux,Geddy in a tux,Geddy in a tux,Geddy in a tux,Geddy in a tux!

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