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Shakespeare, my newly-acquired agents here in California shall be in touch regarding that look... (you sure you can do the same now?) ... there are some eighties revival bands needing the same look, I hear Big Grin

And Silke... the blue hair is a happening look! And SO you Smiler - truly! Could we see a revival, circa late 2003 maybe???????

Here's hoping,
Originally posted by kia kaha:
And Silke... the blue hair is a happening look! And SO you Smiler - truly! Could we see a revival, circa late 2003 maybe???????

Here's hoping,
Kia [/qb]
Well you know, actually blonde is rather rebellious for me as I didn't have that for years before... I quite like the way my hair feels and looks and it doesn't wash out and all... And men start to see me as woman which isn't too bad actually Smiler

So no, surely no blue hair in the sooner future, maybe again which I'm out of my blonde *phase*
OK, never having visited this thread before but now scrolling through the whole darned thing because someone brought up Brandi's picture with her beautiful eyes on another thread, and I want to see it. So I'm scrolling and scrolling and keep reading about how pretty she is but still haven't seen the effing PIK-ture?

Several of the ones up there are people whose pictures I've either already seen or people who I've actually met in person. Don't let that Ansell guy be so bashful...He's a hottie...I'm talking 5-alarm. Not that they're bad photos or anything, but Step's pictures do NOT do the kid justice, I mean it (use the GRIN, dude...the know, the "I just caught you talking smack about certain forum mods not liking you and you don't even know I'm standing right here" grin...). Sorry guys, don' meanta embarrass you, but....truth is worth more than pride, and this married lady is harmless. Wink Silke, what color HASN'T your hair been, lady?

So many of these links no longer work!!!! I've seen phots of Mona's parents before, but never any of her. How frustrating to read about people's go-go boots and then be absolutely, horribly unable to see them!!!!! (My photos, of course, are all right here in a clickable link, but I think plenty of you have already seen these....
Then of course, Heidi, there's the picture (and I assume, Jason) on your profile, which, as well as being stunning, made me cry (in a good way, as well as in contrast with my so-called life!) to see two people so in love and so happy.

STUNNING I say. Stunning. I specialise in rockstars (those Neil photos circa 1990 are gonna make it online sometime soon)... please, can I take the photo for your album cover? (once I get my camera out of storage in Connecticut.)
errr...I concur. YOU MUSTN'T CHANGE YOUR EYES. Smiler

Please take this as a compliment because I know it's going to sound goofy...but you look a bit like Harlie Quinn from the DC Comics Batman series. It's a good thing, I promise. (I wouldn't have put an action figure of her on my wedding cake to represent me if I didn't think she was the beez kneez...)

and, since Kia brought it are my other favorites of me and j, from the batch taken for the wedding collage...

Then my two relatively recent favorites of the kids, and then I swear I'm done. Wink The first one was one of those "Old West" pictures where you dress them up...the other depicts Elvis and the flying nun, wearing the Halloween costumes I made them...
Mona looking, as always, like the redhead I want to be (give me six months and an eating disorder... hmmm yup I can do it)

Heidi, those pics of Jase and you are bringing still more tears to my eyes... lovely truly lovely but get me to a nunnery because it will never happen for me...

The pictures of the children are of course - too special for words... (wishing I could adopt these 2 as godchildren or something to make up for my understandable cowardice about not having kids of my own... and Heidi you KNOW I could take them to NZ if need be, in a heartbeat)

And Brandi... you and your friends make me wonder why I forsook the lifestyle when I did (then again, I never liver in Maryland... oh the pain of not being let back into the US until late 2006... aaaaargh)

Cheers y'all,

the sad but true, Kia
This is cool,I dig seeing all these pics.Harlie Quinn you say Heidi?Hmmmm..never heard of her,but now I'll have to look her up..even though I'm not a big fan of learning. Razzer The pics of you and your husband are's easy to see how much you love each other. Smiler Your kids are adorable..and I don't say that about many kids,but they really are.Love the cossies BTW.

I want to post one of the ones I took of myself in NZ,but for some reason they're not scanning clearly.GRRRR! I'll have to try again.But for now,this is me with my friend Wendi again..I'm on the left this time,with whaddya know?Still a different hair colour.Say,can I stop making the same face in every picture?No.

I have nothing else to do so here you are...

*ahem* I'm the girl, obivously.

Taken at Biffy Clyro's london gig at the Underworld back in err... March?. The guy is my mate Paul, the beer bottle is his I think, or it was mine and he was holding it. Taken on small throwaway camera, after many beers whilst waiting for Biffy to come on.

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