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pfffft Mona. Whose been saying such rotten things?

And why should we always smile in photos? Most of the time, I know I don't feel like smiling (especially after a trip to the dentist today where nothing was done except x-rays. Even so, my mouth hurts like hell. And the dentist said that even to clean my teeth properly would need me to be doped-up beforehand, due to the hideous state of my gums, let alone my teeth. I'm looking at two or three extractions and zillions of fillings in the teeth that are left... in fact, he said he was amazed I didn't suffer from hideous toothache, and only my two front teeth were in reasonable shape... ah well, can still bite the top offa beer bottles then Wink - kidding, folks!)

And Mona, by our general colouring, I reckon we might be related Big Grin (except I have a sharper, pointier nose and I'm fatter)... you're the stunning older sister I never had (but maybe should have)
Originally posted by Tina:
[qb]Ok, so I'm doing the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in my life....posting a picture of Neil & me.......
please don't laugh at me!
Well, I'm only doing this for the girls:
notice the inane grin on my face????
Well- say no more....!!!
Y U M !!
Roll Eyes Wink
If that is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done, you're doing alright girlfriend! I think it's great. At least it's a cute picture (but oh so tiny!). My pictures with Neil from Wednesday are horrible (but funny!). And I posted them for all to laugh at!
Roll Eyes
Yes, welcome Sandrine (agreed, lovely pic!).

And, Masters-shmasters, Wink you must go see Neil next time he comes around. If you've been a fan since 1986 (same as me!) you will be BLOWN AWAY by the experience. Nothing we could describe in our gushing posts could do a Neil Finn concert justice. He's that good, even on an off day.

Anyway, hopefully he'll be touring soon with brother Tim and you can see what I mean. The first time I saw Neil (sadly, I never was able to see Crowded House Frowner ) was when he toured with Tim and, I kid you not, I had chills for the entire show. My husband and I walked all the way home from the Park West (it was quite a hike) because we were in a daze, just walking and talking about each moment (hearing Neil sing an unbelievably beautiful version of Message to My Girl the first time you see him in concert will do that, I suppose).

I know, I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

Smiler Grace
Oh thanks Geddy. And I appreciate that its a rather nice one you chose too.

I also dont know how to iron really creased clothes, cook a decent meal, remember where I left my car keys, get 'Suvivor Amazon' episode #7 video cassette unstuck from the recorder (can someone please tell me who got voted out?) get a red wine stain a of my favorite top, predict the moods of a 12 year old, get that song from the radio this morning out of my heard, understand the populartiy of Hugh Grant, find 'wheres wally', stop swearing in front of the kids, go a day without eating chocolate, finish my homepage, play basketball, do the 'Bus Stop' understand the meaning of life.

If you are able to help or do any of these for me also I would be equally as grateful.
Lisa xxx
If there's one thing I know, it's how to do the Bus Stop. Honest to god. I learned it in grade school for our school spring show. Our gym teacher, whom I loved, taught it to us with the tune "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. I've never forgotten it and I've taught it to many people. If you feel like sending me a ticket to Australia, I'd be more than happy to teach you! Big Grin

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