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Originally posted by Sweet Secret Peace:
!!) Hey, I just noticed you’re a MinnesOtan! I’m originally from Wisconsin, so we’re practically neighbors, don’cha’know! Have some lutefisk for me this Christmas! *plugging nose
LOL! Ya, fer sure!

Actually, Christimas Eve we are having Lasagna and I might make Heidi's Cheese Ball receipe.
Christmas day I'm not sure, have not had a Lutefisk warning yet so it will probably be something like ham....I've only eaten Lutefisk once in my whole life though, not a favorite of mine! Wink Smiler


VARIANT FORMS: also lut�fisk ( ltfsk)

NOUN: A traditional Scandinavian dish prepared
by soaking air-dried cod in a lye solution
for several weeks before skinning, boning, and boiling it, a process that gives the dish
its characteristic gelatinous consistency.
ETYMOLOGY: Norwegian : lut, lye (from Swedish,
from Old Norse laudhr, soap, foam; see leu()- in Appendix I) + fisk, fish (from Old Norse fiskr).

MMMMMM, sounds good huh?!!!!

Sorry,couldn't resist adding this.
So many of my Christmases were taken
up with this lovely carol, brings
a tear to my eye!! Wink Wink

[May be sung to the tune of 'O Tannunbaum]

Lutefisk... 0 Lutefisk... how fragrant your aroma
0 Lutefisk... 0 Lutefisk... You put me, in a coma
You smell so strong... You look like glue
You taste yust like an overshoe
Put Lutefisk ... come Saturday
I tink I'll eat you anyway.
Lutefisk ... 0 Lutefisk ... I put you by the doorway
I vanted you to ripen up ... yust like dey do in Norway
A dog came by and sprinkled you ... I hit him vit an army shoe
0 Lutefisk ... now I suppose
I'll eat you as I hold my nose.

Lutefisk ... 0 Lutefisk ... how well I do remember
On Christmas Eve how we'd receive ... our big treat of December
It vasn't turkey or fried ham ... it vasn't even pickled spam
My mudder knew dere vas no risk ...
In serving buttered lutefisk.

Lutefisk ... 0 Lutefisk ... now everyone discovers
Dat Lutefisk and lefse makes-Norweigians better lovers
Now all da vorld can have a ball ... you're better dan dat Yeritol
0 Lutefisk ... vit brennevin
You make me feel like Errol Flynn.

Lutefisk ... O lutefisk ... You have a special flavor
Lutefisk ... O lutefisk ... All good Norwegians savor.
That slimy slab we know so well ... Identified by ghastky smell
Lutefisk ... O lutefisk ... Our loyalty won't waver.

Actually, it does bring back fond memories of my grandparents, I miss them...
Sorry for getting off topic...

re: Lutefisk

I tried this one Christmas at my now-ex-boyfriend�s family's house.

It wasn�t as bad as I thought. My mother�s family is from Newfoundland and salt cod is a traditional food there (it used to be the foundation of the whole economy of Newfoundland) so it reminds me of that quite a bit.

Of course, the Newfoundland salt cod is not soaked in lye, so maybe that makes it a bit more palatable and less gelatinous than lutefisk.

Salt cod is also popular in Portuguese and Italian cuisine (known as bacalhau or baccala) and I think some Caribbean cultures too.
I found a far more recent picture of me on the's a photo of me and the hubby with a friend's baby Clara...the photo won't link up, so here's the link.

Auntie Anne and Craig on the web

Notice I am quite inept at holding said baby....and how the caption mentions my Dad always giving Clara beer. We're a strange bunch, my family...

Sweet Secret Peace - thanks for the compliment! Big Grin You are a sweetie - glad you're making the trek to the NW for the concerts in February.
Alright drT! YOu are now officially on my list of favorite Canucks. (What a bunch of goof-balls you Canadians are!) I love it!!

Cute again, Anne! Will Miss Clara be joining us at the show? LOL. Hope to see you there, anyway! NOw I know who to look for! Hee hee.

bG Well, I checked it out, but I'm still pretty much of a "dyed in the wool chicken" where team sports are concerned. You, however, GO gurl!! Big Grin
Originally posted by Sweet Secret Peace:
[qb]Cute again, Anne! Will Miss Clara be joining us at the show? LOL. Big Grin [/qb]
Thanks, SSP! Aren't you living up to the Sweetness of your name!

I must clarify for everyone who looked at the Auntie Anne pic - Miss Clara is not my baby. She lives in Austin, Texas and belongs to my friends Nancy and Rodney - Don't make me a mother before my time Wink I thought it would be obvious that I am the least likely to have a baby - look at how I am holding her in the picture! Awkward City!

However, if Miss Clara were in Seattle, I am sure she would join us - she's quite the concert-goer. She's already seen Brave Combo 3 times (if you don't know who Brave Combo is - they are only the hardest working Polka band in the world)

Dr. Thirsty - nice pic - what a handsome couple you two make (although I am fond of the previous zombie photo myself! Does your other half know about that side of you?)

Originally posted by annefrancis:
[qb][QUOTE]Originally posted by Sweet Secret Peace:
[qb]Dr. Thirsty - nice pic - what a handsome couple you two make (although I am fond of the previous zombie photo myself! Does your other half know about that side of you?)

Yeah. And she still married me in spite of it all. She truly is special.

Big Grin
Geddy - Yeh,that's pretty much the expression I'd have if that happened..which it BETTER not BTW.Thankfully Neil usually sells out the 9.30 Club,so I don't have to worry about cancellation due to poor ticket right now all is good. Big Grin And I've never been told I look like Buffy before..or anyone famous for that matter.Cool beans!


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