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BooootlegCD... Yip.. very average dub.. but I'm going to remaster some tracks at work soon.I recently remastered 'Falling off a Cloud' -copied it from cassette and have decided,apart from a bit of cut/pasting & embellishing the vocals a tad, to put it on my CD as is......RE:Olivia... the dear girl was a fan who forced herself upon me...who would have thought...[pity polygamys no longer the go!!!]
Aw come on, Olivia must be special... you can't have married every chick that's been a fan and fancied you! Remember, polygamy is no fun unless the chicks are up for it. Smiler

Which reminds me, Phil, that the last time I was in St. Kilda (April 1996), I happened to have a certain Amy as my waitress. I was having breakfast I forgot where with Maryann Stone I think her name was... she was letting me stay with her for a small fee. Smiler And she told me that was Amy. Well I felt so awful since I idolised you so (still do of course minus the starstruck googly eyes)! I was thinking NO I must serve YOU, daughter of He who is most holy! I didn't say anything, but left the biggest tip I could have without looking really weird. Like I'm not gonna leave a 100% tip on some eggs. Smiler

And that's my tale.

What else will be on the CD Phil? A little bird whispered the rumour already, now that you mention it yourself I dare asking...

What about the extraordinarily gorgeous "Love is a moron" lyrics? I think you should really really use them for a new song - something very new it would be! Big Grin

the dear girl was a fan who forced herself upon me

*sigh* A hatful of hope for all us all day long stalking groupies: Being patient and tender obstrusiveness might reach their targets! Girls, let's get our tents and sleep in front of our star's houses, stealing their toilet paper and sneaking through their gardens in the night!!! We could phone them every 5 minutes 24 hours a day to make sure they're OK and make other friendly stuff... Wink


DON'T dare taking me serious!
Bean Stalked... ...guess it works both ways Silke...that stuff happens as you know...One of the reasons I've chosen to bury my head (in sand not arse)...Let me say dear Olivia dragged me out of the darkest of abyss'ssses. Many a person has derived pleasure in bars etc., recognising me & knowing my glory days were kaput & proceeded to subtely & aggressively put me down ...some females would go googoo..look its Phil J to me upwardsly..realise I was labouring (in many ways), didn't have a fat wallet & lose interest pronto..Success is a mans shackle, beauty a womans.
Frowner I didn't want to start making you all sentimental... Frowner


I can't imagine that something like that happens to me - not the Groupie thing of course Razzer , I mean this success-is-over thing, so I can't say how bad that really is, but an abyss in a life is never a good thing and one is lucky if one is pulled out by somebody, best if it's somebody of the other/same sex (choose the wanted one).


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