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Originally posted by shakespeare:
[qb]Does Phil ever use ukuleles in his music?

Just curious.

Stay on topic.

oops!!! I make mistake.... Smiler )

I wanted to say....that I 'do believe' Phil Judd uses ukeleles in his music ...yes...he uses mandolins too...which are my favourite, and even bazoukis....but I would very much like to hear him use a 'balalaika'.....Maybe he could write something 'russian'....sometime soon.... Wink

Now that would be very nice...for me to hear..

"a request from me to you , Mr Judd....a nice slow, classical piece in a minor key for Balalaika and Bass Balalaika.....nojalosta ?"

Maybe a new song for LWW ? Do you think it is possible? Balalaike are soohh nice an instrument...and even more exotic and erotic than Ukelele!! Wink

Paka Smiler
Oh, here's the balalika calling the ukulele black!

I think that Phil would be hard pressed to find anything more exotic and erotic than a ukulele.

Paka, your knowledge of Phil's music has sparked an interest that can only be quenched with a good listen. What ukulelian place should I start?


(writing on behalf of Shakespeare for the time being).
Big Grin My dear Shakespeare,

I was not meaning to be sarcastic ...
I was referring to the album....or maybe I made a has been a long time since I heard Beginningz of the Enz.... Wink
I will have to review this information and get back to you....with an update.

i'm sure Mental Notes had Ukelele on it....somewhere....I am very bad to remember song names...but will try to find some...
Phil's solo work is very hard to get in Russia...
I only have vinyl single of Counting the Beat/One Good Reason from the Swingers...that my good friend brought back to Russia in 1981...I think it is a rare copy for us Russians Smiler )

and I have heard The Sound of Trees...

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