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I don't have any connection to this, just something I found. Historically Phil has had a problematic relationship with the forum which means you won't find him personally around here. (That all predates my time, if you are interested there are still old threads around I believe.)


I do remain a huge fan of his music, there's very little of it ever that I don't like.

Thank you for your reply. I am versed in the history you refer to... I've been a frenz member for over 10 years... just not a precocious one


I wouldn't know Phil from a bar of soap, but his musical talent is undeniable. I still regularly listen to the two main pieces he composed for Death In Brunswick... he has an amazing knack for a melody, without ever sounding re-hashed.

For realz? Phil Judd has reunited the bulk of the original Enz, and recorded the results? Inconthievable!

All that needs to happen now is for Tim to overdub some of his early 70s rococo vocals, and all would be at peace in the world...

Well, my world anyway...

Have been listening to the tracks on the aforementioned soundcloud site... WOW!

Is the April release date locked in? Available through where/how?

Play it Strange is... remarkable!

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