I just found a profile for a Phil Judd on Deviant Art. I am pretty certain it's THE Phil Judd. There are 37 pieces of art in his gallery. While I feel honoured to be sharing space on a website with someone of Judd's ability, I think my contacting him would be a big mistake.

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

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Check this one out:

It's called "TITUS", though I can't see the song in it. What I can see is the man in the middle...got the hair, the nose, the stubble, the chin exaggerated, got a lot more weight on....I am so cactus if he ever finds me on Deviant Art (yeah, right!) Another song springs to mind:


"Thinking about you, thinking about me...."


And now that we're all in the mood for song, a little Boy George screaming in my mind (sorry, Tim!)


"Well I got my revenge
my name in neon lights
You got what you deserve
your sad and miserable life"


There's another one of Peter and Mark, says it's a commission. Who the f__k commissioned it?


Woo hoo, we're back on the air! Apparently that 1st one was also a commission. They're both done in pastels. Whatever I might think about Judd's sense of humour, I cannot help but stand in wonder! My mother would too and she's a traditional artist, not a computer cheat like yours truly.

Speaking of wonder, that guy in front of Tim in the 1st one looks like he's seen God. That was probably the expression on my face, when I ran into Tim with Michael Barker in Nowra, back in 2009. "Ha ha, Tim, you're in for it now!", says Michael.

That isn't Tim in the picture. It is the person who commissioned it. I am only guessing, but I think it is the person who uses the handle of Titus. The portraits were generally named after the person in the portrait.

About 2005 Phil Judd sold portraits through his website. I can't remember the price but it was really reasonable. He asked for some photos and a bit about the person to be emailed and he came up with some pretty original and interesting pieces. There is no doubting his talent.

You may want to check out this thread - https://www.frenzforum.com/topic/phudd-portraits
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Oh....ok, I thought it looked like a fat caricature of Tim, my eyesight must be deteriorating along with the rest of me.

Phil Judd is and always will be a sh!t-stirrer:


"Gran's off to pick up her stash...OR..is she delivering..perchance !?!? I followed this lady for a good halfhour...waiting...stalking...ooohhh kinky ...and then..begorrah!!..persistence paid off.."


And this one:

That child/doll reminds me of a gift one of my teachers gave me, a little plastic model of a child kneeling in prayer, with the words God Is Love.


Well, I'd love to stay and shoot the breeze, but I gotta go do my boring cardio, or I might become a fat caricature of myself.

"HOW TO MAKE LOVE" has the description "oil on panel".

Somebodies comment:

"this is awesome looking! how in the hell did you do it? the clouds look like they were ps smudged and the ground looks like a miniature setting made and then photographed. if this is all oil, that's absolutely amazing"


I have to wonder myself. The multicoloured noise in those top clouds looks very Photoshoppy. Then again, I guess one could produce the same effect via more traditional methods.

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