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OK, I know it's a little late, but... I still can't help wondering if the significant outpouring of chocolate treats at the Vic on Wednesday night might have contributed to the boys feeling a bit miserable now???

I hope not... those chocolate covered strawberries were too yummy to be bad for anyone... and the Cherry Ripe bars I threw on stage are too small to hurt anyone! Big Grin

Hopefully the guys will feel better soon... travelling while you're sick is *definitely* no fun for anyone.
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Thanks gals. I just signed up for the Frenz mailing list. I didn't think TITM was still operational. I must be incorrect.

I've never been sick on a tour bus but I have been sick in a motorhome. You're right, it isn't fun.

Drink some ginger tea, eat lots of garlicky food, and drink tons of water Neil ( and feel better soon!
" News in from the tour is that some of the crew & band have some flu bug. The
joys of touring when everyone is on the tends to go from person to
person (all that kissing up the back I think!). No dates are being blown out
or anything but feeling sick on the road is never good."

This was copied out of the mail Peter sent out. Poor people! I can't imagine being sick and having to travel and get onstage.
Thank you Sacrednavel for apprising us of the situation. I've been worried all day---I'm going to the Vancouver gig and you always think, oh my gawd, they're going to blow off the gig ....

other recent threads indicate that all seems to be well--so it was probably stomach flu that usually resolves itself in 24 hours. It can't be easy travelling from city to city in a bus in the middle of winter going from cold to warm and to get enough sleep and proper food etc.

I'm so relieved!!!!!!!

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