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Hi Everyone

As some of you know, yours truly has been invited to speak on the Panel for Melbourne's new Australian Music Vault.

The public talk will be tagged as "CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH". Covers bands that I've worked with, archiving, the Clubs and Fans.

Venue: The Members Lounge- Arts Centre Melbourne-100 St Kilda Rd , Melbourne.

Date: Wednesday 28th March 2018. 6PM- 7.30 PM.

I waivered the fee on this, on the condition that the first 30 tickets are free. For the rest they do charge a token amount (usually to cover A/Front of house etc ) . The Members Lounge holds about 70 people so it will be wonderful and intimate.

To obtain a ticket head to the EVENT page via the Arts centre/Music Vault website.


To try for one of the 30 free tickets go to the Promo Code box and type in ENZFANCODE.

If you miss out on the 30 , try for one of the regular tickets (ticket purchase info should be on the same page).

It will be great to see you - please come up and say hello. It's always easier when you look out into the crowd and see some familiar faces.

Remember it only holds 70.

Thanks for being part of this.


Being 70 tickets they might go quickly (especially if 30 are free) .

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P.S.- All 30 Free tickets went quickly. Only a handful of Public tickets remain so this may well be Sold Out today.  Note- if you are after one of the final tickets , make sure you DON'T type in the promo code. If you have click on REMOVE PROMO CODE otherwise tickets won't show up .  Thanks everyone for supporting this, will be a fun night.   

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