Ok people can stop emailing me on Facebook *GRIN* I have indeed bitten the bullet and re-activated my old Facebook account.  I'll stick with it for awhile (be gentle with me)!!! Happy to do so.

So just find "Peter Green" on Facebook you'll know the page when you find it.

For those who love twitter GryphonMusic which I do like, like Mr Finn twitter seems very enjoyable. We also have FrenzDotCom which is active for Frenz tweets that Deb and myself send.

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How would you like people to interact with your page? Is 'Add Friend' open to all CH/Finn/SE fans, or would you prefer to keep your friends list to ... actual friends. It seems presumptuous of me to hit 'Add Friend' when our sole in-person interaction is talking for about 20 seconds or so about 15 years ago  



Bananas, cashews - nothing could make me happier, except of course the latest songs from the top hit artists as presented or represented by Mr. Pete Green himself - and where else or better than right there, on Facebook! Book it up, Mr. Green.

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