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Just wanted to say what a great performance the guys did last night in the balmy air of Perth. We've only just emigrated to Perth in the last couple of weeks so I really haven't had chance to follow the threads.

It's odd to see them down under having seen Neil in one guise or another probably 10 times since 1991. The popular songs here are different but I'm glad as they did my favourite 'Better be home soon' which I've only seen them do once in the UK and that was at the Hanover Grand, the night they were supposed to announce that they were splitting up.

Paul was definitely missed though as the show lacked the usual CH banter. Four mentions of Perth/Supreme Court Gardens and the only other banter was regarding a half naked man on stage. Mind you Nick and Mark have never really been up for chatting to the crowd.

It's also odd that Neil's been living in the UK, Nick in Ireland and now we're living in Australia.

Thanks for bring back the old spark - it was great to hear the old rocking songs again.
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It was awesome wasn't it Cool

Both nights were, and I was lucky enough to go to the soudcheck which made it even better Cool

I totally agree about Neil moving to UK. Typical isn't it, as we have only been here just over a year! Big Grin

From what I can gather, his move is only temporary while Elroy attends a school there. Fingers crossed.
And they do still have the house in NZ, correct? I imagine with all the touring this year that he hasn't really been much at either residence; no idea where Sharon lives while he's on tour. Perhaps in UK, to be near Elroy...?

Mind you Nick and Mark have never really been up for chatting to the crowd.

Nick's gotten much better at this. He's quite the witty devil. Wink

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