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OK, this is an odd topic, I know. But recently when I was on the Neil website I saw a video clip of Neil, Nick and Paul sitting naked on a bed watching a naughty movie in their hotel room. Brave. Bold. Brash.

This got me thinking . . . Hester seems to have a fascination with nudity. Does he? I dunno, he just seems to be popping up places semi-clothed or nude. Did he co-erce his co-horts into this racy escapade? Me wonders. Methinks it makes for an interesting children's entertainer on a show called "The Wiggles"

I also remember a Paul moment at a CH show in Alberta where he said "how can you really love someone unless you've smelled them?" Hmmm. I don't think this is connected to my earlier point.

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Quite right, Shakespeare. Paulo was really into his own nudity there for some time, he and Nick were pretty wild. I think that the whole naked thing was a part of their hedonistic lifestyle during that period, not to mention their humour. I guess becoming a parent has morphed him into a more sober, fully-clothed individual. Have you SEEN the ubiquitous Wiggles? I have trying to catch the famous "Fruit Salad" episode but it's a pretty hard show to take...kinda makes me want to break things...
Originally posted by Mlee Mains:
[qb] Aren't they all married with kids? [/qb]
Nick's divorced with no kids (as far as I know). Paul has a couple of kids I think, that he had with his girlfriend Mardi. If I'm reading Peter Green's FF15mins correctly, I guess that's over cos PG mentions that he met Paul's new girlfriend...
It's an Australian guy thing- we boys strip at the drop of a microphone..hence why Neil always won those strip poker games...then again some serious nude moments for everyone during the recording of Together Alone.....our English Producers were always so bashful and probably scared...and rather white!!!!!
I'm actually naked while I am typing this.... ok I am lying. C'mon- it's Paulo- what do you expect from a man who is calling his solo CD HAIRY NUTS- he's probably seen a few from those nude Crowdie boys *grin*.
As I think back I think we saw Paul nude far more then with clothes on.....Nick does a full frontal shower scene in the Together Alone EPK/Doco. So yep Crowded House and Nudity go hand in hand.
Think I've covered everything...or undercovered as the case may be.

P.s first nude stage moment was a bet in Split Enz...and Paul won everyones per diems..except mine as I KNEW he would do it.
Originally posted by ninevah:
[qb] Although not wanting this discussion to get too lewd, there's a very famous Paulo anecdote where he's "playing" a microphone with his penis at an American gig - I believe Peter Green has the full story, or else you can check out "Something So Strong", the Crowded House biography. [/qb]
according to neil, it happened at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.
i saw Neil at the Wiltern back in Feb. and he was recounting that bit to us. Paul stripped down from a Santa Claus suit and proceeded to "beat the microphone with his penis."

good old paulo!
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