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It changed at least 4 times that I can remember, to be honest I don't think there was ever a final track listing. He just did a series of possible releases.

Jaffa's list is probably from CDr #2 from memory, it changed. I had a slightly different version for one that went to the record company and I think that was CD #4.

He seemed to stick more with Reg Mombassa's cover art, much to the horror of some! *GRIN* (I thought it was very much in line with Paul's humour)!!!

All this time and still no releases after Paul's passing.... It's a shame the powers that be can't agree to disagree and get Paul's records released. A lot of people haven't been exposed to Paul's stuff... and it's really good quality! Wanted To Say is such a brilliant pop song that should and could have been a hit. I count myself lucky to have the Paul tracks through FOTE and a couple of LLT tracks.... What they have is VIBE and lots of it.

From Paul's unreleased album:

Wanted To Say



Largest Living Things backing Stephen Cummings:
Don't Talk To Me About Love
Oh totally agree, the songs are wonderful. However Paul actually shelved the cd himself....
so it's in limbo land I'm afraid.
We were so lucky he gave those songs for rare #3, really it was a thank you to fans for being so patient and also because of him canning the album at the 11th hour.
Still it would of been wonderful to have the release out. I think there were at least 3 versions of "Hairy" , with at least 3 songs different on each!
Obviously Paul was going through a lot in his personal life (which I won't touch on) at this time as well as his professional life: signing up for Music Max - perhaps he felt the songs weren't going to get their due or maybe Paul thought the album needed some launchpad to give the songs exposure. Perhaps Paul had just become negative about the songs and life in general. It was a shame these songs sort of came about at the 11th hour of his life really. It would be lovely to have these songs released at some point as they are worth and worthy of exposure to a wider audience. It would be also a lot more positive as some kind of epitaph to the great man and his work. Sometimes extreme personal struggle brings about great work and this is one of those times where this was true.
One of the final track listings of Hairy Nuts wasthis one, a few songs Paul had gone back to. I think I put in a previous post that there were at least 3 versions of "Hairy".

1/ Best in Town
2/ Goaltending
3/ Getting Lost
4/ Ten to Five
5/ Camel Tracks
6/ Home With You
7/ You're not Alone
8/ This is who you Are
9/ Wanted to Say
10/ Mary's a man
11/ Don't give me One

I think Happyland and Pain got put aside, and some talk of LLT #3 EP with both of those on it
(honestly can't remember what the other 2 tracks were for that possible idea, it would be in my band/paul notes). I remember it was going to have the Largest Living Things logo in red and black (same logo as EP #1 and #2-Ex Models Mark ferrie worked on the artwork) but things seemed to change weekly around Paul releasing songs so even that ep he might of scrapped. (Funny too as LLT has basically gone and it was just Paul with
Kevin working on some songs in the studio-so i was a tad confused why he wanted to use LLT logo for the "possible" ep, when HAIRY itself was going to be Paul Hester solo).

I know the 11 songs above were fully mastered (at Edensound at Sth Melbourne) so a lot of the extra studio stuff had been done. Reg Mombassa had supplied some x rated artwork for possible use (a rough was in the club newsletter).

In the end it just didn't happen... I just remember Paul saying "just not yet"...
Only the inner circle would have heard Camel Tracks and Don't Give Me One I presume. Makes me think that in scrapping Pain and Happyland that Paul had some quality in reserve. Wonder how different Ten To Five is from John Clifforth's version from Craven's Pharmacy.

Odd about the LLT connection. I presume that was earlier on in the recordings for the album?

Yeah I remember the artwork! Just love the way Paul didn't take himself so seriously. However the music was seriously great.

I do hope the album gets released one day. One lives in hope.

Thanks for the extra info anyway Gryph - great!
Do you think it is as simple as sending the family a message to ask if these songs can become available to the fan club or people in general? Time has passed (and I know the pain would still be there) but it would be such a great tribute to Paul....and if he scrapped Pain and Happyland then there has to be some great ones in the bunch!

Gryph, do you know if sending a msg is feasible? Maybe you know of someone that knows the family and stays in contact.

Actually, Neil should distribute these songs through his label and have all proceeds go to Paul's kids. That would be a fantastic gesture!

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