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hey I was reading through the crap book Private Universe the other day and it said that PAul's debut with Split Enz came at a show in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Can anyone confirm this?

The reason I'd like to know is becuase I'm actually from Ballarat and I thought the enz and CH never played here. So if anyone knows please post here!

thanks. and if you know the date of the show that would be wonderful too! Smiler

Kate! Razzer
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Here's what Stranger Than Fiction has to say about that gig, sometime after October, 1983:

"Mushroom planned an extravaganza at Ballarat, and drove a hefty contigent of press, media and television people up for the show. A special function was held backstage, where the band were handed presentation discs to celebrate the sales of more than a million records in Australia over their career. The show had a few glitches technically, Noel produced the 'Russian' cossies for the first time, the sound out front was muddy, Eddie had a hunch they were too rusty and Hester was nervous. In between songs, he would whack the snare or tom to alleviate his knocking knees. Ignorant of the bad sound and pleased with the response, the band left the stage in high spirits. Tim walked beside Paul and said "That was good Paul, you played well, but don't ever ever hit the drums between songs again!" ... The next night on the nationally broadcast music show Countdown, Molly Meldrum slagged the Ballarat show. Neil wasn't happy when Meldrum drew comparisons between that show and Tim's recent solo concerts. As far as Neil was concerned, this was a swipe at him."

Hope that helps Smiler
Thanks heaps for that, Camus. Very interesting... & to think I only live 70km away... Frowner . I vagourly (sp?) remember Molly Meldrum apologising to Split Enz about something or other on a repeat of Countdown screened only a few years ago, although I couldn't be sure if it was for slagging the Split Enz concert or not - I didn't pay much attention to it unfortunetley, but I DO remember Frenz Of The Enz being mentioned at that point. Molly also mentioned going to a Split Enz concert in a different repeat of Countdown screened the other day in Australia - possibly 1979 because i got you was in the charts in either that episode or a completely diffetent one.

Have I made sence? Smiler
A little late (as per usual), but I was going through my stuff today and found Molly Meldrum's written comments from 1983, which refer to his earlier comments on Countdown:

"Making Amendz To Frenz Of The Enz...

Well, The Split Enz tour started a couple of weeks ago and, after their opening gig at Ballarat in Victoria, guess who opened his big mouth and criticised them?

Yes, I was honest enough, or fool enough, to say that the performance was lacklustre and that the show needed more Enz hits injected into it and, since then, I've received hundreds of complaints from the band's fan club, the Frenz Of The Enz.

Firstly, they've been telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about and, secondly, informing me that the Bendigo and Albury concerts which followed the Ballarat gig were the exact opposite to what I'd been saying.

Then I was even told not go walking around in any dark alleyways for fear of some of the Frenz becoming decidedly unfriendly.

Well, I'm not really going to take back what I said, especially since I couldn't help comparing the Ballarat gig with the brilliant shows staged by Tim Finn and his little ensemble in Melbourne a few weeks beforehand.

However, I must admit that I might have been just a little unfair to the Enz, seeing it was the opening gig of a tour and they hadn't been on the road together for quite some time.

And, in my original comments, I did omit to say that the Ballarat audience gave them a standing ovation, despite what I thought.

Apart from that, the new Enz single Strait Old Line and their album, Conflicting Emotions are both taking off all over the place, so perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut."

And then Neil in reply, in a subsequent RAM article (Jan 20, 1984):

Interviewer: Molly was saying that you are not including a lot of your hits in your show?

NF: Well, I think Molly's been around in the business too long. He's overconscious of the power of the single. We all know that the single is the thing at the top that makes all the industry work, but a single isn't the be-all and end-all of a band's output. Anybody who gets into a band on a deeper level will know their album tracks generally have a longer life than a single.

We get sick to death of playing singles - like any band - and we think for the sake of ourselves, if we can keep it fresh by playing new songs and not having to play too many of the old hits, then we can keep it fresh for the audience. If you're trapped into playing your hits, you end up playing the caberet leagues circuits. You've got to keep moving ahead. I don't accept that as valid criticism at all.
Woah! Thanks Kate for replying again to this, because I would have missed John's reply otherwise! Thanks so much for putting that up, John! See - I'm not crazy (even if my post made me look that way Smiler ). Very interesting. I just wish I had have taped the bloomin' Countdown episode when it was repeated a couple of years ago, although you don't really know what to expect from any given episode. Thanks again, John Smiler .
No worries Secret, thank you for being so kind.

RE the show itself, Molly was only on for a couple of seconds and if you've seen one middle-aged knucklehead in leather pants, ugly sweater, and cowboy hat you've seen 'em all. At the end of the day though, i think molly did a LOT of good for the aussie music industry collectively. He did also apologize on the show a couple of weeks later too (same hat, different ugly sweater and different leather pants).

There was one article of his from back then that I neglected to keep that I now wish I had but it was just before the Crowded House debut lp came out. He said something like, "Neil Finn is one man whose ego has gotten way out of control. Somebody should tell him that his head is too big." Really strange thing to say about a guy who was pretty much invisible on the scene at the time and had been for many months. They must have had a spat. This is all so weird - saying that reminds me that I think a woman from Adelaide wrote back a couple of weeks later and told Molly off. Frenz in need are Frenz indeed!
I guess we do owe it to Molly for keeping the Austrlaian music scene alive & all, but I'm still not a fan of the guy (even if he does go for St. Kilda in the AFL - GO SAINTS!). I guess he's just a typical mainstream critic. I remember an episode of Hey Hey (RIP Frowner ) a few years where he was actually praising Britney Spears for being the youngest to have an Australian #1 or whatever it was. He was going through all the facts & figures & record sales, ect. saying she was really talented & had the #1 US album & single, ect, ect. It made me mad, because he actually got the crowd to applaude twice! That really pisses me off, when he could have been talking about Try Whistling This or anything else! It just seems like he looks at the charts & decides the album's good - not that the album's fake & doesn't include proper music.

So there's my Molly bash! Sorry to get OT moderators! Smiler .

...and as for him saying Neil's ego has gotten way out of control... I think he should take a look at himself. Thanks for the info, John Smiler .
Too true Kia. He's always struck me as an obsequious socially climbing moron who knows absolutely nothing about music, and it disgusts me that he is seen as some sort of celebrity for being basically inept. We've all seen him interview Prince Charles haven't we? To be able to inspire national embarrassment is quite an achievemnet.
The Enz played Ballarat a few times, but the Hester show was quite an interesting one.
It was certainly bad timing for Molly Meldrum as the Frenz of the Enz club hired a bus to take members to this first show.
The thing that always amazed me was simply it was a good show, not a brilliant show, but a good show, and from memory THREE quite solid encores tended to show that the crowd wanted more. I played a tape of that gig recently and it sounds like a typical Enz show from the time. Quite a few "hits" were included but naturally having a new album the band would play a big chunk from that LP. I seemed to get the idea that Molly really wanted the Enz to do a greatest hits set which was kind of strange.
Neil basically thought his comments were total B.S. and said so, which I did admire him for..afterall Molly was the main person for the top music show.
The Venue was the Ballarat Civic Centre and our flyer for the show says December 1st.
The club also took bus loads of fans to the Bendigo show- which was in this massive tin shed- I kept thinking it was a sheep shed (some weird NZ joke going on here!!!) and that gig went off- my time I did the door, so I earnt my stripes as a door bitch in a shearing shed! yes you can imgaine the tour jokes for that. Nathan was excited because we had a full house plus and extra 200 people, sardined and everyone was dancing. A sheep shed all doing the pogo to I See Red!-Memories!I think Nathan was more excited that I tallied up all the door money correctly. Fun days and yeah Molly was wrong (again).
P.s-just after I sent the above, I had a small flashback of all the Enz members at Sovereign Hill- (which is one of those recreation Gold rush towns located at Ballarat), the Enz arrived in a horse drawn carriage...the media had camera men everywhere. I seem to recall gold panning with Noel and Hessie.... thinks like that can be fun- and occasionally a bit cheesey.
Thanks heaps for that analysis, Peter. If I have the right information inside my head, Tim Finn wouldn't have been in the band for that show in Ballarat, correct? - which could be another reason to not play a greatest hits set (what, with Tim penning most of the tunes)... although I'm probably wrong & Tim probably was there... Smiler

...& Molly's so far up his own arse it really isn't funny! (just had to add that there since everyone seems to share the same view Wink ). In an old episode of Countdown, he was praising Michael Jackson for one reason - his album's flying up the charts! Roll Eyes

Sovereign Hill - really cool place in Ballarat if anyone's going to be around the area sometime in the future.

P.S.) Who's Nathan? Am I supposed to know?
Tim was at the gig Secret. He didn't quit until after the Conflicting Emotions tour.

Peter - RE the gold panning, yep, there was a story in TV Week with them on that horse-drawn carriage and snaps of them panning for gold at Sovereign Hill. And Tim has the delightfully cheesy quote, "Actually we're panning for platinum," - referring to hopes for Conf. Emotions sales. Barf! Smiler
hey this is great that everyone is posting stuff about the ballarat show!

By Gryphon:
The Enz played Ballarat a few times
really? if you can remember could you please tell me the dates of the shows and the venues?

I'm really interested.

The Sovereign Hill you frenz in melbourne would have adds for that place on the telly right?

it's not as good as S:G says it me I've been there soooooo many times. It is the dustiest place in town! not reccommended for asthmatics! Smiler

trust me I should know I LIVE in Ballarat!

By John:
Peter - RE the gold panning, yep, there was a story in TV Week with them on that horse-drawn carriage and snaps of them panning for gold at Sovereign Hill. And Tim has the delightfully cheesy quote, "Actually we're panning for platinum," - referring to hopes for Conf. Emotions sales. Barf!
if you have the issue of TV week with the pics of the enz @ sovereign hill or know where to find the pics on the net pleaase tell me that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while and I'd love to see the pics!


Originally posted by sacredcow11:
[qb]The Sovereign Hill you frenz in melbourne would have adds for that place on the telly right? it's not as good as S:G says it me I've been there soooooo many times. It is the dustiest place in town! not reccommended for asthmatics! Smiler trust me I should know I LIVE in Ballarat![/qb]
Well I guess that'll be the last time I praise your hometown then! I don't want to get off topic, but apart from the fact that Sovereign Hill is a couple of centuries behind us & hasn't yet discovered civilisation, the place is pretty cool (boiled lollies, old-fashioned people, ect.).

Guy & John - Cheers for the answers Smiler ... & John: yeah, that would be cool if you could elaborate on that TV Week article Wink .

P.S.) No HTML used in a SECRET GOD post!!! Wink
Okey doe...

From TV Week, January 21, 1984, p. 85

-Top Rock Group Go For Gold On Concert Tour

Top Rock group Split Enz took a logical step when they launched their latest LP - Conflicting Emotions - and a national three-month concert tour.

They journeyed to Ballarat in central Victoria, site of the 1851 Australian goldrush.

But the Enz are hoping to strike more than gold with their new record.

"We're panning for platinum," lead singer Tim Finn joked after the group had performed for a wildly enthusiastic audience. (A platinum record is awarded for sales in Australia of more than 75,000 LP records.)

It's Split Enz' first concert tour in more than a year.

The pioneering spirit and the search for glittering prizes that build the city of Ballarat so many years ago has some parallel in the history of Split Enz, who almost a decade ago left New Zealand for Australia in search of fame and fortune."

There are 3 photos with the article: a big one of the group on a stage coach; one of Tim and Eddie panning for gold; and one of Tim onstage in the Russian costumes at the Ballarat gig.

If you PM me, I'll see if I can scan it and email it to you.

Curiosity satisfied? Smiler
Originally posted by HairyCanary in a completely different topic on Jan 8th, 2002:
I'm pleased to report that on one of the episodes they showed (from 1984), Frenz of the Enz had its moment. It was the culmination of the postcard campaign - Molly Meldrum (host) had dissed a Split Enz concert (in Ballarat?) earlier that year. The FOTE response was to bombard him with postcards (identical picture on the front) demanding an apology for his comments. They screened the episode where Molly apologises. I laughed out loud - I've never seen Molly eat his words like that.
So there you go. I thought it was worth mentioning.
I think the first time Split Enz played Ballarat was 21st September 1977. Have no idea what Venue but I have that date in one of my books
so it was fairly early that they visited....probably a very small crowd. If you go to the Ballarat library and look up the week before that date in your local papers archieves there might be an advert for a Venue or maybe some small story hell maybe even a picture.....

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