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Hi everybody. I am in the process of making a video which celebrates the life & times of Paul Hester, with the intention of releasing it in time for the upcoming anniversary of his passing.

I'll be using a combination of footage from interviews, music videos and concerts that I can find on DVDs and online which showcases Hessie's energy and vibrancy during his time in Split Enz, Crowded House and his solo work.

The footage will be set to the music of Crowded House's "Silent House", which I know isn't directly written about Paulo but in my mind it resonates strongly with the sadness of his untimely passing, even to this day.

While I am getting the footage together, I would like to ask my fellow Frenz of the forum (especially those that were friends with Paul) if there were any particular clips that you would like to see included in the video?

Thanks 🙂

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CJFerg81 posted .. 'Paul Hester: Life, Music & Shenanigans" will premiere at 9am on Saturday 27th March (NZST). There will be a YouTube live chat for anybody that wants to drop-by and share their thoughts & memories of Paulo while the premiere is playing.


you may already want to have a look at Chris' other superb footage videos .. Crowded House - Silent House (Fan-Made Tribute to Paul Hester) and Paul Hester: Life, Music & Shenanigans (Deleted Scenes)

Amazing tribute Chris !

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