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Heard on AUS Commercial FM this morning that Peter Grace has his own show on Channel 31 and there will be something interesting involving Paul Hester Saturday night 28 October at 10:00 pm.

Historical on Peter Grace:

On July 11th 1980, Australia’s first commercial FM radio station, EON FM, began broadcasting on 92.3 MHz,[2] beating Fox FM to the title by two weeks.[3] Behind the microphone at the momentous occasion was ex-3XY (a popular radio station at the time; now defunct) DJ Peter Grace, who later said he was given that late night spot by default.[4] "It's one past midnight and this is 92.3, E-O-N FM, I'm Peter Grace and this is the beginning of a long, long time..." The first song was New Kid in Town by The Eagles.
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Aaahhhhh, where to begin? Wink

A brief, beautiful close up interview with Paul started things off. He was mainly talking about "Hellwood" - the TV show they had wanted to produce. It was followed by footage of him walking through his beloved Elwood and into local shops.

Highlights from a few acoustic gigs were also featured along with a Christmas(?) light adorned Hessie in a video for an unfamiliar song. They also showed some footage of Paul's involvement with 'Songlines' and parts of the live shows.

Peter Grace has done a great job - it seems this was put together last year so it may well have been the footage shown at the PoW tribute.

I think I might just have to join you in emailing Channel 31 phillo! Anyone else? Big Grin

What a beautiful and poignant way that would be to commemorate the memory of such a talented and inspirational individual.
Dear Folks at Channel 31,

Like many people, I have moved to digital T.V. and lost C31 as a result.
I checked your web site and was surprised that most of your programs are already made in digital format and have
emailed the Communication Minister re: Digital transmission on Community Television, using your ‘example letter’ as a guide.

On Saturday evening, 28th October at 10:00 pm you aired a show call ‘ Sorta Like a Show’ hosted by Peter Grace.
Interestingly, I heard about this on commercial F.M. radio on Friday

Of interest was the content about musician, Paul Hester.

I’m a member of an Internet forum “ Frenz of the Enz “ and posted a thread to let Melbourne members know about the program.
The feedback today, from those that could receive C31 was that the show was excellent.
The forum is non profit and visited by music professionals and Spilt Enz / Crowded House fans and I’m hoping that you may be able to provide a copy of the show so that it may be shared with other members. It would be a wonderful if you could.

Q. How do I get a copy of, or more information about a show I saw on C31?
A. Some shows have contact details on the end that you can contact for more information. If not, you can always look on the website under Show Guide for the shows name and contact details. You can also call the office on (03) 9660 3131. Please take note of the shows name, or day and time that you saw it so we can help with your enquiry.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to Community T.V. and I hope the transition to Digital is a quick one. Every email counts.

Best Regards,
I don't get C31 at the best of times!!! Mad Frowner And that isn't cos of Foxtel either. It's cos my Analogue T.v reciever is programmed to the wrong signal. Frowner I think it's UHF and C31 comes on the VHF signal... I think. Red Face About time this station moved to digital. Then we might get it on Foxtel.
If I'd known about this sooner, I could've asked my Uncle to tape it for me. He can recieve C31.
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Didn't get to C31 today but spoke with Gracie this arvo. He's happy to provide the program and sounded pleased when I told him I hoped to share it with 'Frenz of the Enz'. He's concerned about copywrite on some of the unreleased stuff ( apparently there was one full song ) and wants to talk further about it tonight.
Coincidently, he lives at the other end of my street Smiler
Thanks for your time this evening, an hour just flew. Was amazing talking with you. Your incoming phone call gave me an opportunity to have a wee and look around the living room at the wonderful mementos you have. I had no idea that you and Paul were so close and your ‘walk throughs’ of the videos will remain ( surfboard, lizard, Reg Mombassa etc) Makes it very hard to dissect the videos for ‘ Frenz of the Enz’ as I remember your words, but they can’t be applied to video. Watched the 3 disks this evening . Good news is that Gracie says the ‘Sorta Like A Show’ will have many more episodes about Paul Hester on C31. ( seen them in his studio ) Gracie, thanks for your good work, you’re the spirit of all good things.
Love&Peace, I'm hoping to upload as much as I can to YouTube. It's slow work getting an MPEG out of the DVD as my P.C.'s not so quick.

First clip is here:

The 'party lights and plastic flowers' is part of the theme for the unreleased song 'Pain'
Unfortunatley due to copywrite reasons, Gracie prefers that the clip is not uploaded at this time. Shame, as it's a ripper.

Thanks to Peter Grace for allowing the use of his material.
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A drive along the Lower Esplanade, St. Kilda to the Cornish Arms in Sydney Rd, Brunswick. St Kilda Sea Baths on the left.
At the Cornish.. "straight up the stairs....whats your name again.... anything you need give us a hoy"
A deep and meaningful with Reg Mombassa about the cover art of "Hairy Nuts"

XXX Link removed to maintain the "G" rating of this site XXX

Thanks to Peter Grace for allowing the use of his material.
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Still at the Cornish Arms,

Reg discusses his 'classic 80's period' of enhancing hotel room art.

Paul explains his Grandmothers confusion about the picture of The Bronze Age Sky God.

On stage, Paul wants some clarification on Petes request for some 'bigada bigada bigada'

XXX Link removed to maintain the "G" rating of this site XXX
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Anna I'm not sure how many more there are. I have 2 left to post after this one. The final clip is my favourite 'Wanted to Say', it's a ripper Big Grin
I'll be working interstate next week for a week or so, but I'll ask him when I get back. I believe that there will be more.

The disks Gracie gave us were a grab of clips and I have put them in what appeared the most likely order of production. All were excellent quality (both video and audio) though a couple didn't survive the YouTube transition quite as well, even though I submitted them several times.

It would be wonderful if those that have enjoyed Gracies memories of Paul could maybe write a small post thanking him, if you haven't already done so. He doesn't have the Internet happening just at the moment and although I have already told him, I'm thinking it would be cool to print him a copy of the feedback from FRENZ around the planet.

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