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Hi. On the Midnight Oil website, they pay tribute to Paul, as both bands obviously had close links. It says he sat in on drums one night when Rob Hirst fell ill. Paul playing a full Midnight Oil set! Does anyone have any idea of the date of this show or have a recording of it? Cheers.
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I have a kind of answer for you with the date that Hessie filled in for Rob Hirst on that Midnight Oil set. I heard Hessie chatting to Mick Molloy and Tony Martin a few years back on there radio show. The year.... thinking... was 1998 or so. Can't really help you but l do remember listening to Hess whinge and laugh about too many fast songs to keep up with the drumming. It was a great interview! Sorry... l hope l filled in the year. Definately between 1997- 1999. Maybe contact Midnight Oil fanclub.
Hey Nothing Wrong With You... last night at the Memorial at Prince of Wales, Mick Molloy ws sharing radio footage with the crowd and what do to you know? The first conversation was that one about Rob Hirst falling ill and Hess taking his place. A bit more info (not the date sorry), they spun this wheel of thirty odd Midnight Oil songs and whatever it landed on... they played. Hess yet again was moaning "too many fast songs". Gosh it was funny- even l would be keen to get my hands on that concert, just to hear Hessie's voice!
Cheers for that Hessie_79! I found slightly more info on the net after searching high and low. It appears that Paul got a telephone call (a message left on his phone) from Midnight Oil after discovering Rob Hirst was too ill to play. This was early afternoon (same day as the gig) and apparently all the message said was "Midnight Oil, Adelaide, tonight, be there!" Can anybody else PLEEEEEEAAAASE help with this. It is probably easier to find the Holy Grail than a recording of this show!

Me too. It would be a great addition for the Hessie tribute video that I'm working on. I've tweeted Midnight Oil to see if they have anything in the archives as it's 23 years ago today since that concert happened.

Failing that, there is always the hillarious interview that Hessie did with Martin/Molloy when he talks about how it came about and how out of his depth he was.

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