Today Patty Griffin announced that she'll be releasing her 10th album in March with a tour to follow. 

She also made public that she's been battling breast cancer for the last two years. 

Outside of Neil Finn, few musicians have touch my heart as much at Patty's music has.  After hearing the news, I thought back to Melissa Etheridge going public with her battle with cancer and how Patty's music helped get her through everything (see video below).  I'm sure Melissa has been there for Patty during this ordeal and I also see that her former boyfriend Robert Plant is still by her side singing on two songs on the new album.

It's times like this that remind us how precious life is and as Neil Finn said:

"I could go at anytime
There's nothing safe about this life".

If you're so included, please say a prayer or two for Patty ...



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