having been out of the loop for a while, Ive just noticed that Phil Judd has been reconnecting with some of the old Enzers!! 

On his album "Play It Strange" he has Wally Wilkinson, Mike Chunn AND Emlyn Crowther appear and on his new album "UniQue" he has Miles Golding from 'Split Ends' appear on a few tracks too!! 

I had a listen to both albums tonight online and made sure I ordered both of them pronto! I got all choked up hearing those guys all playing together again. I never thought I'd ever hear such a thing.

On a sadder note, I saw a post on Phil's facebook that financially things ain't the best for him at the moment and theres a chance he might lose his house and studio, which would mean there would be no more music from him if that were to happen, hence why I jumped at also buying these two new CD's. I can't wait for the postman to deliver these gems. Signed by the great man himself too!!

Check it out!


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phils new album "unique" is the best thing i've heard all year loads of great

and yes unique songs, some of the stuff with miles golding really do'es hark

back to the split ends sound and theres a great and very topical stab at

donald trump, listening to phils solo stuff makes you realise who was the

main architect behind the greatest debut album of all time the mighty

"mental notes".

everyone who loves the early enz stuff should get all of phils solo albums

especially the new one, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour as well as

the man himself.

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