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Last night I realized....EUREKA....that three of my most favorite artists have something unusual in common...all three of them mention a "paper cup" at some point in their lyrics.

Neil Finn: DDIO

Ron Sexsmith: "Idiot Boy"

Beatles: "Across the Universe"

Can anyone think of other examples that prove/disprove the theory that the greatest artists are the one who use the secret code words of greatness...."paper cup?"

Big Grin
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"Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

"Pour my life into a paper cup.
The ashtray's full and I'm spillin my guts"

which brings up ashtray.
"you fill my ashtray, the one i've come to trust"
have always loved that line from "Where is my Soul."

speaking of ashtrays, you've got Patsy Cline with "3 cigarettes in an ashtray".

you've got your Squeeze - "the cigarette of a single man, burns in the ashtray by his bed"

[now was that the same guy who liked "black coffee in bed"? - a song, which, i might point out, mentions both a CUP and ASH, but not PAPER cups, or ashTRAYS:
"there's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was, and there's ash in the pages..."]

ANYWAY - if you go with cigarette you can swing back home to neil via Burning Water, a song I believe he cowrote with Mark Lizotte off Lizotte's album Soul Lost Companion
"all i wanted was water, a cigarette and a blindfold..."

but i'm off topic now, aren't i? sorry.
don't mean to start another annoying chain game. Big Grin

but neil writes a lot about fire, smoke, stuff burning. lots of heat. you longtimers have probably been through that topic before, though, right? ad nauseum? so it'll just inflame (ha) some folks if i can't help myself from making note of:

fireball drop from the sky/sit back and watch the money burn,5 days in a hothouse hell/fire my anger and spoil the whole thing/Lean and hungry with a fire in your eyes/and if the gods desert us now i'll turn this chapel into flames/dice rolls, and you burn, come down i fear/feeling your desire burn, and drawn to the flame/Kill eye, a fiery retreat from the stars/I'll come flying like a spark, to enflame you

okay - lucky for you i can't remember anymore.

so, back to paper cups. GO!

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