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Originally posted by Silent Scouse:
Now that was worth watching. My wife & I sat there cacking ourselves at the play off between Sharon & Neil. Thanks Finngirl!

I agree!!! so much going on there......the bit about grossing your kids out is just SO TRUE... Cool
(note - I changed my FRENZ sign off to a Shaz quote...... LOL Big Grin )
Just wanted to mention somewhere that I played this CD the other day in entirety and wow, every song still blows mr away. I find it so much better than the last two Crowded House CDs in quality of songs and lasting. All my friends, most who are not as much obsessed about Finn music, love this CD. I do find Dizzy Heights quite good too now...has grown on me quite a bit.

Lets hope for another Pajama Club Cd/tour soon.

By the way: hearing and seeing Golden Child, for me, made the concert in Vancouver that much better!

It would be great to have another Pajama Club album.  Does anyone know if Neil has ever stated there was a chance of this happening.  The first album was so great, in my mind.  Fresh and unique.  I would love that this is his next project.  He has done the solo and other projects, time to go back to the Pajama Club!

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