What can we say! The best gig we�ve been to.
Faultless and sooo entertaining.
Distant Sun was a nice surprise and It�s only natural was great.....anyone else have any comments about the Oxford Gig?????
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Truly awesome - fabulous to see Neil and Tim together again!

Set list:

Nothing Wrong With You
Life Between Us
Six Months
4 Seasons
Suffer Never (Wow!!!!!!)
Persuasion (Double wow - hoping they'd play this!)
Message To My Girl (extra to list on request by someone from Wales)
Part of Me, Part of You
Disembodied Voices
Only Talking Sense
Edible Flowers
Wild Thing (I think it was here - impromptu jam session by the band on Tim's request!)
Anything Can Happen
Distant Sun
It's Only Natural


Won't Give In
How Will You Go
Weather With You


I See Red (complete with Halloween Masks!!)
I Got You

On the official set list (the sound guy was extremely kind and let me have his copy!) I See Red and I Got You were the other way round.

Really fab, voices in great form. If anything slightly more subdued than I expected, but no complaints at all and loads of energy still.

Minnie was fine - not great or outstanding but fine.

Neil asked how many people in the audience had PhDs, being in Oxford, and then asked what came after a PhD. Someone shouted out "plumbing" which Tim said was the "joke of the tour".

H and P - Neil brown, possibly cords, slim fit. Good floppy fringe. Tim Navy pinstripes, gorgeous grey curls.

Wish I was going to London, too, but everyone is in for a treat!
I was lucky enough to be bought a ticket for the front row at Oxford last night, for which I offer my heartfelt thanks to a true Finn fan (o''o)

I have only really been a fan of CH since their Together Alone album, but have since worked backwards to hear their other albums (although I still think TA is CH at their best !).

Having never seen either of the Finns before, (except on various video/DVD recordings), I was tremendously excited to see & hear them play live for the first time last night. I am happy to say I wasn�t disappointed, they were even better than I thought they�d be! Let�s face it, they were absolutely fantastic, playing a great mix of old & new songs. I was introduced to �Persuasion� only a few months ago, & last night�s rendition was brilliant � I was singing it to myself for most of the journey back home!

A completely fantastic evening, only slightly marred by the rather rude group of people sitting directly behind us who insisted on talking (loudly!) throughout the songs. But then we can�t all have manners as good as our taste in music, can we?!!

Anyway, other than that small issue, I was blown away by how great the brothers Finn sounded live throughout the evening�s performance. It is good to know they sound as fantastic out of a studio as in one! Oh, & Tim�s dancing is a sight to behold! I can�t wait until they tour again so I can buy the next set of tickets!!!


PS: BTW, I have been reminded that �Wild Thing� was just before �Only Talking Sense�, if you recall the conversation relating to farmers & woolsheds!
Thoroughly enjoyed the gig, a truly superb performance. Enjoyed Minnie Driver, as support acts go she wasn't to bad at all, IMHO.

Enjoyed all the usual banter, especially when Neil said "Elroy sends his love" and went on to tell the crowd how he is sitting exams back in New Zealand, and then said "Half of you are saying to yourselves 'Who the hell is Elroy!'"

I have to say, I didn't really enjoy Message to My girl all that much, but as it was a reuqest for the Welsh geezer I'll let them off. I'd never heard Persuassion before and absolutely loved it and now need to get hold of a copy! And I got a chill down my back when we all sang the end of Four Seasons in One day.

All in all I had a fantastic time, my only one slight moan would have to be the distinct lack of leg room, very luckily I had tickets on the end of a row otherwise my brother of 6ft 7" would have had to stand as it would have impossible so sit down. Surely other tall Finn fans had the same problem!

Thanks for listening.
PS: BTW, I have been reminded that �Wild Thing� was just before �Only Talking Sense�, if you recall the conversation relating to farmers & woolsheds!
Yes! Absolutely! This occurred to me today when I was driving home from work. Seems really obvious in hindsight ... "There's a Wild Thing in the woolshed ... , as Wild Thing was the song that Neil and Tim's sister's parties in the woolshed would always climax with. Still, you know how excited you are after a Finn gig - these things can take a well to settle in your brain!!
Yes, Wild Thing was definitely just before Only Talking Sense. Tim only asked them to do a litte bit of it, I think we got more than he intended! A great moment, both Finns really tearing their larynxes to howl out the words.

A great show I thought, one of the best I've seen over the years. A good venue, plenty of room on the front row (lucky me) and no crazed security personnel.

Highlights for me were -

Life Between Us - I love the way they take a verse each on this. Tim's vocals spot on. An early bit of magic.

Six Months - first time I've heard the full version live, with Neil's guitar solo in the middle. Brilliant.

Four Seasons - my main thought being "Oh good, no Johnny Marr tonight then" - sorry, I'd rather have an all Finn show!!!

Persuasion - one of my favourites, great to hear it live, Tim in brilliant form. Compliments to Mr Stacey on a near perfect rendition of the Richard Thompson guitar work.

Disembodied Voices - entrancing and probably my favourite song on the new album.

Wild Thing - sudden abandonment of setlist, band rising to the occasion magnificently and Tim especially really getting into the moment.

Edible Flowers - sublime, Neil's chorus really soars.

Distant Sun - a great version, pretty close to a Crowded House version I thought, especially Tim Smith getting the bass part exactly right. Nice to hear that the band have studied the records (unlike Shon Sullivan...ahem).

Won't Give In - this song takes on a lovely sadness live, resolved by the positive chorus. Enchanting stuff.

I See Red - totally surreal with the masks on, Tim in a complete frenzy, whipping the floor with a towel, jumping on the drum riser and leaping about the stage with amazing energy. A heroic performance from both of them.

I Got You - a good final singalong, most people on their feet.

I'd agree with the comments about the people in Row B on Neil's side - a bunch of loud, presumably drunk women on the end. The strange thing was they were obviously fans, knew the words, whooped with joy when each song finished, and even put a radio control car on stage with a request attached (though it got stuck on a cable and Neil didn't see it). All of which makes it amazing that they talked and giggled all the way through each song, even when a load of us turned round and told them to shut up or face imminent extermination. If they're reading this, please explain. Were you just bored? I'm really glad Neil didn't read your request, you didn't deserve it.

Other than that niggle, a great night. Thanks guys, come back soon.
Being on totally opposite side, I didn't see or hear the people talking through the songs, I was aware of a woman in that area being asked to sit down as she was stood up dancing on her own. I guess that was the people you were refferring too.

I have to agree with comments about Disembodied Voices, the song is very quickly becoming my favourite on the album! Despite the tenious link into the song from Tim, about Gary the bus driver.

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