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At there is now a teaser clip of "Mean To Me" from the new DVD. Having listened to the "Don't Scream It's Over" bootleg of this show dozens of times, the performance was pretty familiar to me as I watched the clip. I was simply enjoying the new clean mix as I watched, until something really caught my ear....

On the bootleg, during the second chorus of MTM Neil goofs up the lyric and sings: "No I could not escape/*to walk out the door*/mysterious sympathy".

HowEVER, on the teaser clip, this seems to have been edited somehow, so that he sings the correct lyric: "No I could not escape/*a plea from the heart*/mysterious sympathy".

I double and triple checked it, and it's definitely been corrected. Conveniently, the camera is at a wide angle to the side of the stage at this moment, so you can't see what Neil is physically singing.

Does anyone own the VHS copy to quadruple check this? Either something is wrong with my audio recording of the show, or the DVD has been edited. Or, possibly, it was edited from the start and is corrected on the VHS edition as well.

If that's the case, it's pretty disappointing...I would have hoped they'd leave the reality of the show intact, including the little goofs here and there.
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Oooooh! How very intriguing!

I've just checked my VHS version and it's the same wide angle of Neil at that pivotal moment as we hear him sing "No, I could not escape/A plea from the heart/Mysterious sympathy". There is no way we can see exactly what he is singing at that moment.

I guess we'll find out if it has been overdubbed on the new CD...can any of those people lucky enough to have this confirm if the lyric is/is not corrected?
Overdubbing live DVDs/albums ain't exactly a shock. I mean, it would be unusual not to find a live release being tampered with. As for FTTW, I've no doubt that Neil did go in and overdubbed/corrected a line here and there. And what of it? Are we so anal retentive that we're going to let that prohibit our enjoyment of the disc? I like to think not.

Then again, there isn't any pleasing you trainspotters out there. Just remember one thing: Who Cares?
Sounds like it was done the first time around... meaning it's probably they didn't have the goofed up version to master (or transfer to DVD or whatever it's called!)

I'm with AGM155 though... I like the goofs.. I'm not complaining if they're edited out, but I'd prefer them to be left in. I'm kinda used to the odd goof up... it's terribly human!

In saying that, I can't wait... and doubt I would have noticed had it not been pointed out to me!!
Hey, I'll still enjoy the DVD plenty. It's not as if I'll be poring over the original bootleg looking for changes, and booing my TV screen.

One reason I mention bring it up is that it just doesn't seem like Neil. The Recurring Dream bonus live disc went to some lengths to point out that the tracks were taken directly from soundboard recordings, with no edits or overdubs. Apparently this live authenticity was important to why did they abandon this sensibility for FTTW? It's worth pondering to me.

I thought the edit would be worth pointing out to some. But for the "what you don't know can't hurt you" crowd, forgive me for being savvy enough to notice this! I don't want to rain on your parade. Again, I'm really looking forward to this DVD and will enjoy it immensely. Big Grin
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The Recurring Dream bonus live disc went to some lengths to point out that the tracks were taken directly from soundboard recordings, with no edits or overdubs.

I guess as they didn't come from multitracks that overdubbing a fluffed line might have been pretty hard. I can understand things being fixed up for the DVD, it's going to stand as the definitive live concert, apart from the strictly limited Recurring Dream live disc, this DVD/CD is going to be the only live recording of the band to be commercially available.

A fluffed line redone doesn't really worry me. Maybe if it was a whole guitar solo or something along that line I might think differently.

Speaking of fluffs, Sister Madly on the Recurring Dream disc has never struck me as funny, rather extremely uncomfortable and black. Hester didn't sound as if he was joking, to me he sounded really depressed and irritable.
I'm not sure now...

I have the DVD and CD now... its fantastic!

I've just gone back to listen to my mean to me on the Don't Scream It's Over bootleg... and you'll notice they have the private universe jam at the beginning, which in itself is an overdub.
That was added for the television and vhs, on the dvd there is no intro like that, you hear a glimpse of some intro music being played over the PA as they walk on stage. No private universe stuff. You'll also hear in that Private Universe jam, the opening to Fall At Your Feet as well. Which is not on the VHS but I believe was in the original television broadcast of it. Another overdub. Then when I get to the chorus of Mean to Me, I find Neil's delivery of that very rushed and sounds to me, like they may have edited it during the television broadcast. Why? I have no idea. But when I did watch Metallica's S&M concert on Channel 10 many years back in the 2nd chorus of Master of Puppets he swore (i know because my dvd has him swear) instead they played the same first chorus over the top.

So....thats my two cents on the matter. I dont think it was an overdub. There are too many little mistakes in the concert musically that they would go back to fix that and only that. I think it was audio mistake to begin with on the television broadcast which I think is the same audio as the Don't Scream It's Over bootleg
Interesting reading guys. I will have to agree with the general consensus that, in the overall big picture, it won't matter too much just as long as we have the full concert(so to speak)nicely mixed.

I also have the "Don't Scream It's Over" bootleg and enjoyed the Private Universe jam intro; a great walk-on tune. Its probably the only thing I would miss but only because I've been conditioned to it for so long. Roll on the 20th November already!! Smiler

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