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No, This is not a GIMMICK.

Dear Fenz from all over the globe !!!!
After 20 years of collecting anything & everything on Split Enz & related bands such as Crowded House, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Finn Brothers, The Swingers, Schnell Fenster, The Makers, Phil Judd & also Betchadupa & any other Enz related artists not mentioned, I have finally decided to sell my collection.


Please tell all of your Enz related frenz about this sale.

I have been wanting to have this sale at the beginning of 2008 but it was delayed so here it is at the end of 2008 in the middle of a global financial crisis (go figure !!!).
I am advertising on this forum to give you die-hard fans out there the first chance to buy that item that you have always wanted but you could never find it. Does that sound like you ? I know what you are going through as I have also had 20 years satisfying my infatuation with Split Enz. This does not mean that I no longer have an interest in Split Enz & co, it just means that I will not collect everything on them anymore. Obviously I have decided to keep some items for myself (a copy of each album to satisfy my withdrawal symptoms).

By selling my collection on the Forum, I can sell part of or most of it without having to chew up valuable time listing them on Ebay. I do realize that I have purchased a lot of this collection in retail prices & with some of them being too common, I will not be able to make my money back on them, I can live with that. I am just going to sell them for what I think they would be worth, so some I will gain on, some I will lose on. I have already prepared myself for the fact that I will suffer some major losses.

As for my collection, I will no doubt be sad to let some items go, but I will be happy knowing they are going to another fan who appreciates them. I have approx over 1200 items (not including Photos, Newsletters or Articles from mags & newspapers) all relating to Split Enz & related bands including :

Albums – LP / Cassette / CD / MD
Singles – 7” / 12” / 10” / Cassette / CD
Posters (not listed yet)
Sheet Music (Lyric Books)
Tour Programmes
Autographed Items
Framed Posters (not listed yet)
Record Awards

I do reserve the right to allocate certain items that will be listed on Ebay in the future as some of these are extremely rare. These items have “EBAY” written in the price column.

As for purchasing large amounts, this does not necessarily entitle you to a discount as the prices have been set because I am already losing money on a lot of items compared to what I paid for them.

The only description that is not on the list is the condition of each item. Most items are in Ex – Mint condition, however, there are some that are in VG+ or worse, so if you find something of interest that you would like to know the condition of, just send me an email. Please don’t send the entire list back to me, you must write a new email with a list of items that you want to buy. You can quote the order number (on the left column of the list).

Send all emails to

Postage is extra

Australian Buyers

Payments can be made by bank deposit, money order or Paypal. (Bank deposit for large orders as paypal fees will chew up valuable $$$)

Overseas Buyers

Must be willing to cover the costs of International Postage. Payments must be made via Paypal only. All Paypal payments can be made to

Conditions of Sale

1. This is a Set Sale
2. Please request info on the condition of your items (if needed) or photos (if needed)
3. Don’t send the entire list back to me (the file is very large & will clog up my email)
4. All items highlighted in red have been sold or are unavailable
5. All items highlighted in blue are on hold
6. Postage is extra
7. Feel free to leave some feedback & ask questions on the forum about this sale as this will help with consumer confidence & keeps the post active for all to see
8. All emails & Paypal payments go to


I also have a great Discography available (text version on Microsoft Word). I can send it to you via email (it will cost you nothing) Just ask !

Things to remember about the Discography
1. All items highlighted in blue are promos
2. There are tick boxes on the left of each item (so you can mark off what you already have)
3. Click on the name of band or artist on the contents page & it will take you there
4. If you want to print it, it is best to have each artist printed on different coloured paper so you can identify what section you need to go to quickly (this helps at record fairs)
5. It is up to date (2008)

Also, please remember that I am a working class citizen & that I do have other commitments to meet every week so please be patient while waiting for your reply to your emails. I will get back to you when I can (which should be within a few days). The same level of patience is required when awaiting the arrival of your parcel so please don’t bombard me with emails wanting to know whether it has been posted as I will be rather busy trying to keep up with everyone’s demands.
All orders are classed as first in, first served so whoever first asks about a particular item, it will be sold to that person first.
You can also request to have me hold onto your requested items as your orders may exceed what you can afford in one hit so I can hold them for you for about 3 weeks, after the 3 weeks the items on hold will be sold off to whoever has requested them.

So I guess that is all I have to say about this unique sale. Now is your chance to get in & grab that elusive item. There are heaps of different items to choose from, however, there are some items that have not yet made it onto the list such as posters & framed posters.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How many Enz fans do you know of that have sold their entire collections. All items are genuine items (No fakes).

Thanks & Good Luck on hunting for those rarities…Enzboy.
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Hi Everyone, I am just letting you all know that I am having problems sending & receiving emails. Those of you who have sent emails requesting a price list or discography, I will get back to you when I am able to receive your emails. I am trying to get it sorted out (this is certainly not the best time for my email to stop working).

Thanks for being patient.

Yes, there are still plenty of items left on the list.

Thank you, Enzboy Smiler

By way of feedback, my purchases arrived yesterday (in the UK), nicely wrapped and in lovely condition.

I'd also like to recommend Enzboy's discography - beautifully catalogued like the sales list, but with more stuff Smiler In fact while Googling for a catalogue number, I found another goodie I had been searching for for years, on a very obscure used record seller's site.

So I'm double happy Wink
Hi Frenz, glad to here so many of you liked your new arrivals.

As for the list of items available, There is still just over 550 items on the list.

Thanks to all who have paid for their items. All (paid for items) have been posted so the majority of you would have received your parcels or should I say BOXES by now.

So keep those orders coming, there is still plenty there.

Hi Frenz, Thanks to all those who have purchased items from the sale & are continuing to do so.

I have some mega rare items on Ebay at the moment like the Bold as Brass & My Mistake Dutch 7" singles & more. So check them out.

I am listing a handful of items on Ebay each week to speed up the sale a bit. But you are quite welcome to ask for a list of items that are still available as there are still plenty of items to choose from. So keep your eyes open on Ebay under Split Enz, Crowded House, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Schnell Fenster etc.
Some will be rare & some not so rare, I am just picking & choosing anything on any given week. There may be some Fanclub stuff appearing from time to time.

Hi there again wonderful frenz,

Yep, I'M BACK !!!

It has been a while since I wrote something about the sale of my beloved Enz related collection. I needed a bit of a break but now I am tired of all these items still sitting around taking up valuable space so I have just listed a handful of rare Schnell Fenster items and a rare discography before I started having trouble with my Ebay account. Anyway check them out.

I intend on getting rid of the audio part of my collection first then I will venture into other areas like my posters, badges & any other Enz related collectables that I intend on selling.

Hi Frenz, I have decided to sell the remaining items from my sale at discounted prices so it is first in first served.

If you would like a complete list of what is available, just send me an email.

All emails to

Postage is extra

Here is a sample of the items available. I will list some more in the coming weeks.

Mental Notes USA CHR-1131 $10
Mental Notes Aus L-19217 $10
Dizrthmia NZ L-36347 $12
Dizrythmia Aus L-19219 $8
Frenzy NZ L-36921 $12
The Beginning Of The Enz UK CHR-1329 $10
The Beginning Of The Enz Aus L-19220 $8
Waiata (white/pink) USA SP-4848 $8
Waiata Can SP-4848 $8
Waiata Holl AMLH-64848 $8
Time & Tide NZ ENZ-3 $8
Time & Tide USA SP-3256 $8
Enz Of An Era Aus RML-52027 $12 (includes poster)
Conflicting Emotions Aus RML-53107 $8
Conflicting Emotions USA SP-4963 $8
Conflicting Emotions Holl AMLX-64963 $12
See Ya Round Aus RML-53146 $10
History Never Repeats USA SP-3289 $8

Time On Earth UK LP 3960271 $30.00
Crowded House Aus ST-240555 $8.00
Crowded House USA ST-12485 $8.00
Crowded House (simply vinyl) UK SVLP-243 $20.00
Temple Of Low Men Aus ST-748763 $8.00
Temple Of Low Men USA C-148763 $8.00
Temple Of Low Men Can C-148763 $8.00
Temple Of Low Men Holl CL-1487632 $8.00

7" Singles
Another Great Divide Aus K-6658 $20.00
I See Red (red vinyl) Aus K-1094 $10.00
Give It A Whirl Aus K-7475$10.00
Give It A Whirl NZ K-98 $20.00
I Got You UK AMS-7546 $5.00
I Got You Spain AMS-7692 $20.00
I Got You Portugal PAMS-7546 $8.00
One Step Ahead AusK-8103 $8.00
One Step Ahead (laser etched) UK AMS-8146 $8.00
One Step Ahead (laser etched) USA AM-2339 $8.00
History Never Repeats NZ POLY-110 $8.00
History Never Repeats (laser etched) UK AMS-8128 $8.00
History Never Repeats (laser etched) Portugal PAMS-8128 $8.00

Rare Items
I See Red (promo with rare P/S–mega rare) Aus K-7284 $85.00
Farewell To The World - Programme $50.00
Live At The Borderline (promo) UK FINN-1 $50.00
Crowded House – With The Best (promo) Japan PCD-0451 $100.00
Neil Finn Tour Program – 1998 World Tour $20.00
Once Removed Book $25.00
Love This Life – Neil Finn Lyrics Book $50.00
Everyone Is Here (autographed) Aus CD $60.00
Press Pack – The Makers (promo includes - Cassette / CD / Bio / Postcard / Poster / & clay brick of logo from album cover. All housed in a plastic LP sized box. Awesome.
Great Item & Extremely Rare !!!! $100.00
The Sound Of Trees LP (autographed) Aus EMC-790929 $60.00
Love Is In The Air (3 DVD set in slipcase that features all 5 episodes of Aust / NZ Rock & Roll in the 80’s & 90’s) A book is also available. Aus DVD $35
Temple Of Low Men (picture disc) Aus ST-748763P $30.00
The Underwater Melon Man (CD & Book) Mega hard to find $40
Ok Alright Ahuh Oh Yeah (Album / Cass) Aus $10.00

This is just a sample. there are heaps more other bargains to choose from. Good luck.

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