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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum so my apologies in advance if making threads like this isn't the done thing. I am going to both of the Out of Silence shows in Auckland on March 9 and 10, and I don't have anyone to go with me! I'm coming from America to see the shows and it'll be my first time in NZ. I really hate going to concerts alone, so I thought I might post on here and see if anyone else is going!

I've lurked on these forums for more than a year but have always been too intimidated to post, mainly because I'm so young (these forums are older than me, which is crazy to think!) and everyone here seems to have been a fan for ages. If anyone just wants to, I don't know, queue with me (I plan on getting there really early for a barrier spot), or just say hi, it would be really nice! Cheers!

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Welcome KAREKARES! I'm only new here too, but everyone is so sweet.

Enjoy you're trip to NZ. I won't be going to the shows( I so wish!), but trust me, you'll meet so many Frenz in the queue and at the barrier, you'll have trouble keeping everyone's names straight!

Have an amazing time! It will be an event you'll never forget.

Belbee: Thank you! It's my first time seeing Neil and it'll be in New Zealand, so that just makes it extra special!

Perfectchord: Thanks! I'm going to be there for two months (because it's so far away from America, I thought if I'm going, I might as well go for a bit) and I'm really excited to go to Karekare and Piha and Te Awamutu and all those places!

Sugar Mouse: I'm not sure I know anything about that, sorry!

Sugar Mouse posted:

I had heard that the Out of Silence shows in Auckland would be broadcast on Facebook.  Has anyone heard anything about that?


Oh em gee, please let this be so! I'm planning to save a little coin and fly to the GC for the HOTA OOS show, it should be amazing.

Karekares, you'll definitely meet plenty of Frenz at the show if you ask around; I've met a few just from the 3 shows I went to over the past couple of weekends. Frenz world is a Small World. 😉

Thom Bullock posted:
Sugar Mouse posted:

It did make it to YouTube quickly but I'm not sure Neil sees Out of Silence as a commercial venture especially as the live performance of the album is already available free online. 

Doesn’t mean RNZ is happy seeing their webpage ad revenue go to YouTube, though. 

Good point. Not sure how musicians can make a living these days. Hopefully the YouTuber will take them down. I also deleted my post above with the link as we shouldn't be promoting it. 

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