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Hey new member here!

For me people like Elliott Smith, Roland Orzazazzazazzzzabel (The Tears For Fears fella), Roddy Frame, Nik Kershaw, Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) and too many I guess to mention. If I think of any I'll add them.

Personally my ear gets bent in a pleasant way by songs that take a turn somewhere unexpected but not wholly unfamiliar if that makes sense?  Be it a turn of phrase an unexpected chord or a rhythmic shift somewhere.

I could rant about current Pop/Rock music going from A-B without even having a look at C or D but I won't (although I think I just did)

At the risk of repeating myself -- Paul Simon is and remains at the top of his game. Admittedly a little less on melody than our Neil (although both seem to place less value on melody now than in their 20s and 30s), Simon's command of lyrics and moods is on a different level and philosophy.

Consider these two, both past 2000. "Everything about it is a love song" encompasses a lifetime of questions, regret and insight ...

... while the groove-charged "The Riverbank" is a transcendent song about the aftermath of a school shooting as well as PTSD among soldiers.

I have found myself teary-eyed repeatedly while listening to these.

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