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The Eagles? Steely Dan?   

I mean no offense. It might be fun and interesting to consider other bands Neil could sit in with for a worldwide tour? There are lots of great musical acts with members who have passed, who could add another year or two to their livelihoods, if only one of the most talented and respected musicians on Earth would only join them out of mutual respect.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I miss the FB US tours and hope they come back one day.


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I was thinking about this last night, and seriously intended no disrespect. Point is, Mr. Finn is an amazing talent who could sit in for just about anybody. He would be fine replacing either of the Wilson sisters, for example.

What about if he were to fill in for John and George?  Wouldn't THAT be an amazing "reunion" event?

I don’t think you are being disrespectful, I just don’t think having Neil sit in as a replacement for someone in another band is very interesting.  Collaborations with other artists are interesting.  “Sitting in” a la Fleetwood Mac is really pretty boring to me.  I’ve watched a ton of youtube clips of Neil with Fleetwood Mac.  Boring, boring, boring.  Now if Neil was to do something new with Fleetwood Mac, that might be interesting.

And I’m pretty sure Neil does not like Steely Dan, so that is one sit-in I doubt will ever happen.


Fleetwood Mac is a different band than Eagles or The Beatles. Both Eagles and The Beatles had the same people  as primary songwriters and singers throughout their history. The current Eagles lineup has replaced Glenn Frey, through necessity, but done so with his son and another respected musician. Eagles do have a history of adding  people  who  wrote and sung songs,  but these were more peopl who sung one song an album or so. 

Fleetwood Mac has had a history of the primary songwriters being replaced or added to. Sometimes successfully, and sometimes not. Christine McVie is the closest they have to a continued prescence, but even she wasn't present for a number of  FM albums. 

Hence, I think it's very different Neil joining Fleetwood Mac than it would be if he joined The Beatles, Steely Dan, or even Eagles. If Neil joined any of those bands to 'fill in', then that's what he'd likely end up doing. 

With Neil joining Fleetwood Mac, there's the real possibility that there could  be a new album with Neil playing a major, perhaps even the biggest role, in songwriting and singing.

I'm not too interested in the FM concerts as I don't pay hundreds to attend concerts. I'll buy a Blu-Ray or digital download if one is released. But, if there was to be a new FM album with Neil playing a major role - now,  that would be interesting.  

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