Opinion required: Deluxe Edition

Steve Shealy posted:

Well, are you in the UK? Or is this the only way you can get them? What IS the UK price?

Nevermind, forget all that. Totally worth it.

So Crowded House-Together Alone are about 14 pounds each.

Afterglow is 10 pounds.

Time on Earth is 16 pounds.

Intriguer is 5 pounds. 

Great bargain on Intriguer. Some terrific tracks on the bonus. All of them do, really, though the first three have mostly demo/live versions of the album tracks, as opposed to "new" songs (outtakes). If you are a massive Crowdie, you won't be disappointed.

Some of the real audiophiles on the board say the remastering of the original albums appealed to them; I can't tell much difference, as I mostly listen in my somewhat noisy truck, but I have enjoyed the bonus discs immensely.

If the price is a problem, buy one or two at a time, soak them in before popping for the next one. Just my opinion.

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