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Originally posted by Kari Sprite:
...and it occured to me to ask how much of Neil's writing is in this? How many pages (approx), etc. Because if i got it it would be for his writing, not some random pics. Someone let me know, wont you? Thankie very muchly Wink. Night!

The book has 125 pages (plus a thumbnail index of all the pictures) and there is writing (all by Neil) on about half of them. The photographs are not what I would call 'random pics', they are really beautiful. They do take up more space than the writing, but Neil's words are definately not inferior to the photos.
It is a brilliant book, I hope you manage to find a copy. Smiler
Grrrr, I have had so much trouble getting this book.

Ordered it off AbeBooks in December and it never arrived (thankfully they returned my money).

I have now ordered it off Amazon a few weeks ago and it is SUPPOSED to arrive late April.

IF it does arrive, it will now be my Mothers' Day present from my kids.

Every day I go to the post office hoping it will be there.
I've been trying to find it for a while too... but most places that I try only mail to the US...
Grr, I mentioned this to my flatmate and said "there are times that I hate living the Southern Hemisphere..."
It seems almost impossible to find a copy of this that is avaliable right now, in Australia... I thought that I had managed to find it on one site and it turned out that they wanted about $120 for a second hand copy... I thought, nope... I may really want it, but there's no way that I'm going to spend that much on it when it's about $30 for a new copy other places...
Anyone know where I can get a copy (that they have in stock). I'd really like to get this.

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