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It's not an autobiography more of musings on the road during the One Nil Tours.

It's mainly a collection of photos taken by a photographer who accompanied the tour, with writing by Neil. The photos concentrate more on the landscape's and buildings on their route as opposed to Neil or concert photos but there is some of that in as well

It's not a bad little addition to have in your collection.
It's not an autobiography more of musings on the road during the One Nil Tours.
Actually, the book covers his tour in 1998 to support "Try Whistling This".

..bit too many pics of the landscape for my taste - although that's how the story is told
The landscape plays a huge part in Neil's life, because of his commitment to touring, and spending so much time away from home and on the road. I think to capture the changing landscape is critical, as is capturing the moments and emotions of actual shows (before, during and after). But for me, it's not the photos, but Neil's eloquent way with the English language that brings me back to this book over and over. Smiler
I just got this from Amazon recently and am embarrassed to say that I have read it so often the cover has already fallen off - whoops!

Like Treegrrl says, its the way that it is written that really strikes you I think - its a very honest look at touring and it allows you some glimpses into Neil's private life, with pics and stories about Sharon, Liam and Elroy.

Its a great book...
Originally posted by nailsinmyfeet:
[qb] ... my favourite is Neil and Sharon embracing after a show. [/qb]
good taste! (see my avatar image).

Another lovely picture is one of Neil and Sharon on an airplane; she's asleep with her head on his shoulder. If you're interested, crowded dreams, you can see that picture in this thread: All I Ask: Sharon Finn.

If you go to, you can see thumbnail views of all the photos in the book (and read a few sample pages). Unfortunately the thumbnails are sooooo small.

I wish someone would upload the full sized embrace photo. (I only have the thumbnail). I would so love to see that picture in better detail, but I don't want to wait until I get around to buying Once Removed for myself. (I'm such a procrastinator, who knows when that will be!)
I bought this book about a year ago, but I had only ever flicked through it and looked at the pictures.
I finally got round to reading it last night, and I absolutely loved it.
In a way I'm glad I waited until now before I read it, because now that I've been to a few shows and met Neil, it meant a lot more to me than it would have a year ago.
I think I speak for all of us when I say, Neil, I'm so glad you're no good with a hammer!
It is simply one of the most beautiful books I have EVER seen.

Breathtaking photography.....and an enlightening insight into day to day life on tour.

I have yet to complete reading it although I've had it in my lucky possession for almost 6 months now, thanks to Ebay.

A true collector's item for any Neil fan - certainly worth it's weight in gold.
I saw that picture and thought how much that New Zealand cottage type house resembled properties in St Paul and Minneapolis
(When not covered in snow).
As I was looking at the thumbnails, it said that picture was taken in the backyard of Paul 'Arlo' Guthrie...ironically in Minneapolis MN (where I live!).

Very small world indeed.
Get both books! I have both. Bought OR online about 4+ yrs ago, but Barnes & Nobel in the US has it I'm sure. I saw it in their store window in NYC when it first came out - on display in their front window! Neil's writing is style is similar to his lyrics: poetic, insightful, beautiful. I bought LTL online from Allen & Urwin Books about 2 yrs ago in NZ and had Neil sign it last yr in a different NYC B&N when they performed there while in NYC for the Canal Room show. He thought it was funny and signed it "DON'T BELIEVE IT ALL" "Neil Finn". I'll cherish it always!
I just love Once Removed, and every time I pick it up intending to read a little bit of it, I end up reading the whole thing! I just love Neil's writing style....I can't tear myself away from it. And I enjoy the pictures so much!I really hope we see another book from Neil not too far in the future. I'll be first inline to buy it!
Hi again. This will have to be quick, its past midnight and im supposed to be in bed. I was just checking this out on Amazon and it occured to me to ask how much of Neil's writing is in this? How many pages (approx), etc. Because if i got it it would be for his writing, not some random pics. Someone let me know, wont you? Thankie very muchly Wink. Night!

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