But when inspiration strikes, I run with it. I started out creating a background for my poem, "Altitude" (which I wrote before I even knew about the album of the same name. I may still use it as such, just fade it out a bit. And yes, in case anyone recognises that particular shot of Tim, it is from the same EIH dvd screen cap that I used for my final tattoo design.

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

My Digital Art, Poetry & Lyrics

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Can people read it alright at full size? I wanted to experiment with text distortion, without making it a struggle to read, like the Intriguer lyrics. They were really hard to read. The View Is Worth The Climb didn't even come with lyrics, I wonder why?

That's quite enough of my digital diarrhoea for today. I am bloody sore between the shoulder blades, so I'm getting off RIGHT NOW!

I swear I'm not bumping for the sake of bumping!

It's strange, the same shot of Tim, but in the tat design he looks impassioned, where as in the images above he looks frightened.

Is it the tilt of the head, maybe? I was wanting to create the "sunfire scape above the clouds" that one sees out an aeroplane window as the sun sets, but I'm worried it looks more like someone drowning in a lake of fire. I could try and fix them both, but I've already blasted them all over Deviant art!

I remember my dad saying that this one of Boy George looked as though he was burning in hell. Dad seemed quite delighted by the notion, such a lovely Christian!


OK, just a little retouch, click on the images to view full size:


I'm trying to remember which gig I was at when the words, "May I come down gently" entered my head, not that it really matters, I suppose. Verse 4 was about Sound Relief and the mysterious way the rain stopped and the sky cleared whenever there were Finns on stage.

 1 last edit to say, I am going to have to keep these out of sight, cos SO will be home tonight.

SO's gone shopping, so izzy wizzy let's get busy!

I am far happier with this one. Far more subtle, ethereal as one of my high school art teachers would say. One can clearly see that it's clouds and not a fiery lake. Click on the image to view at full size.  

Tim looks so young. I guess it was 9 years ago. Maybe I could do a skin texture transplant? Worth a try...

Last one, I promise (yeah, like you've all heard that before!) I went out walking this morning and there was a gorgeous, almost neon pink in the sky and I thought hmmmm...... It's probably too pink now.

Edited to say what spurred me to write that poem was trying to explain to my SO what it's like for me to see a great gig, in a language he might understand. He's into aeroplanes and the weather. I never showed it to him in the end, because it would have p!ssed him off.

I was a bit stuck for a title in the beginning, "Babe, I need a word that means high or flying." I tossed some words around in my head and came up with "Altitude". As I said, I didn't even know about the album of the same name at the time.

I'm looking at the image right now and I'm thinking the eyes aren't bright enough, they're supposed to light the stratosphere....alright, back to work.

Hey, Kittybear, sorry I only just saw your reply. Somebody else had the same problem. Nudie pictures, course language and sexual references are classed as "mature content" on Deviant Art. Some of my work contains at least 2 of the above. That is why it's blocked. Can you see the images alright on here? 


This one's called "Waiting In The Sky" (from the Bowie song, of course.)


 It was Tim's eye to begin with. I was inspired by the following piece:

I wanted to use a male eye (looking closely at those eyebrows in the above image, it could actually be a male eye) and use the skin texture and tiny sweat droplets to create the sparkle. I didn't quite achieve that, but I'm reasonably happy with the end product.

This is an animation of an image y'all might recognise:

My partner says that animates gifs are old school and that I should go Flash. He's probably right. I'm thinking of turning it into an animated stamp. This one gave me the inspiration:

This is a work in progress. I've hardly begun to pick it to bits, the infernal perfectionist. I thought I'd share it now, because I'm feeling pretty good about where it's going. It's called "The Flying Dream", inspired by the namesake song that is the beautiful, very emotional finale to the "White Cloud" production.

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