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OK, after going back and forth with my husband about it, I need to see if anyone else has "weird condiment idiosyncracies" or if he really is just being gross. Smiler

He eats A-1 steak sauce on his hot dogs and ketchup on his bologna sandwiches. Eeker

Do any other Frenz have similar little food weirdnesses, things they eat together that most people wouldn't ever?
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When I was in college and we always ate at the cafeteria, this girl I knew got me into eating sandwiches with peanut butter and cheez whiz. They were actually pretty good though I wouldn't go out of my way to buy the ingredients to make them now.
Also, whenever I make tuna sandwiches, I always mix in slices of pickle with the tuna and mayonnaise, which maybe isn't all that strange I guess.
My ex-boyfriend used to put french dressing on his pizza though - gross! Razzer
Matthew, I too am an Aussie who had never encountered duck sauce...

until I landed here in b**f**k, Connecticut... anyway the best way I can describe it, is as some exotic sauce that you get sachets of when you get Chinese takeaway in these parts....

(That said; TAKE ME HOME... I want to be back in Brisbane or Melbourne, or Auckland for that matter!!!! for reasons not worth the forum's bandwidth to explain. I just want to be anywhere but here... sorry folks I love the US but my current situation is just not worth it sorry... sorry)
Thanks for the clarification!

While we're on US chinese take away - we always see people eating from cardboard boxes on the TV. What do they do with wet dishes, like, say, beef and blackbean?

As for coming home - I've just had 3 weeks on the beach at Taree, surf and fishing every day. I don't envy you the snow and cold. Did I mention how many prawns we put away?

Cheers from Canberra, where the bushfire smoke was so thick last night that the moon was a dull red.
Well, I'm with Betty on the pretzels and mustard, thing, but I think that's TOTALLY normal for Germans. Especially if the pretzels are still warm and soft. MMMMM! (Am I right Silke? Or it that just a b*stardization I picked up during my beer drinking daze at Der Essen Haus in Madison, Wisconsin? lol)

I'm also gonna co-sign with Geddy on the ketchup and eggs combo. YUM YUM! Hot Sauce is also good on eggs (any brand of "cajun cayenne pepper sauce"... red hot, red dot, etc. It wasn't around too much where I grew up, but it's ubiquitous in the south--cheap too--about 50 cents a bottle) but I do draw the line at mustard. BLEAGH. Also, Jenn-- Pickles are a MUST with tuna salad.

Some people eat grape jelly on their egg mcmuffins. Icky! I think the rapper Notorious B.I.G. had a line about "cheese eggs and welch's grape" in one of his songs, even. So maybe it's a "Black thang." Speaking of which, that is the culture from which I learned to like hot sauce on pop corn and ketchup on potato chips (crisps, that is). Pretty good stuff!

My son eats mayonnaise and hotsauce on his ham sandwiches. It's pretty good. I think he'd put A-1 Steak Sauce on hot dogs or bologna sandwiches if it ever occurred to him... he LOVES that stuff. It tastes like pepsi to me. *ptooie*

Vegemite (or in a pinch, Marmite) is good with mayonnaise on a turkey sandwich. But, then again, everyone I know thinks it's nasty even with buttery toast... that's alright; more for me!!

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