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Can't believe I am the first to post about this ... but here goes: what are your thoughts about Neil's decision to leave social media after the Christchurch attacks?


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I say, good for him. Social media like Twitter & instagram has very little upside in my opinion. Neil has to do what feels right for him. And really, he wasn’t on Twitter very often. I’m personally just fine with his decision. Funny that the article identifies him as “Crowded House frontman” and doesn’t even mention Fleetwood Mac til the end.

My first thought was that he was overreacting, but after learning that the video of the NZ shooting kept reappearing on various social media platforms even after the original was deleted, I can understand where he is coming from.

I have enjoyed Neil’s posts on Twitter, and will miss his photos, but I don’t participate myself.  This forum and a few others like it are the extent of my social media.  

I get where he's coming from but surely he has a role to play in ensuring that social media doesn't just become a platform for hateful ideology. By maintaining a positive, loving and sharing presence there, he's helping to provide balance. If we all gave up social media, it really would just become a haven for hate. Social media isn't going away any time soon.

Having said that, perhaps he's hoping that if famous people start stepping away it will encourage the platform owners to take more responsibility for pro-actively managing what they host.

I first thought he overreacted, too, but then came his second post about it not being a boycott-like strategic move, but a personal thing. Which is fair enough, I guess its due to a feeling of helplessness.

I was a sad about it, because I feared that this will remove all channels of communication between him and the public, but the (I think very lovely) text on suggests the exact opposite. I mean, newsletters and some means of engaging with us... What more do we want?

Personally for me, this might be a lot better than twitter and Instagram, since I don't post there  (just reading), and there was hardly any exchange with him going on anyway. (And I might not have to scroll through 80 people drooling over his hair and/or cardigans, or tagging him in some repetitive rant about Lindsey's firing... Sorry off-topic, but the neilfinn hashtag on both platforms has become quite bizarre since Fleetwood Mac.) 

I think we can trust Neil, he's not the "I have no interest in engaging with the public any more" type.

This could be brilliant! 

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