A new Phil Judd album?

This is the most exciting news I've heard in years. Someone mentioned something about some samples from the new songs? Are they available anywhere?

Aparently, there's also a demo tape from circa 1977, with some post-enz Phil Judd songs (such as Play It Strange). Are copies / samples available from anywhere?

Sorry... I don't check in here very often.
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Hi Mtrudgia

The songs are available through these pages:
New Phil Judd song online and Another new Phil Judd song online!

The 1977 demos have never been officially released. Excerpts from a couple of songs will feature in episode 4 of Enzology. The demo of "Play It Strange" and a 1978 live recording of the song by Split Enz was given away on 100 CDs for the launch of Mike Chunn's Play It Strange trust, but this is not commercially available.


Thanks heaps for replying. The songs are awesome. Reminiscent of Swingers, Private Lives and Sound of Trees, more than Enz or OK Alright Ahuh Oh Yeah, IMHO. Has any artist ever had a more distinctive, individual, unique sound?

Do you know Phil? How did you come by this stuff? I only read the story about "Incognito in California" yesterday, previously thinking it was a newish Phil song that Tim had covered, and that they must be at least partially reconciled. I had no idea it was an enz-era song. Tim said in an interview he sought out Phil's ex-wife to find the lyrics to the song, as they were undecipherable on the tape he had... he couldn't ask Phil. Bizarre. How did they co-author Precious Time and Long Hard Road in the late 80s?

Such a fascinating subject, for some reason.

Anyway, I absolutely love the two songs. Can't wait for the album. Any news on a release date?
There's still a bit of work to do, mainly on the art work and bonus chocolate teddies, so there's no release date yet. The album's overflowing with character and brilliant melodies. Definitely worth getting excited about. I imagine Phil will allow me to preview more of "Novelty Act" closer to its CD release.

"Falling Off A Cloud" is a great song. I'm not sure who owns this so I can't offer it to you online right now. I'll ask Phil.
From a long term Split Enz fan.


I discovered this forum kind of by accident when someone emailed me asking me what a Dizrythmia was when she discovered that my website said one of my favourite albums was Dizrythmia. So I was going to write a long and detailed answer and I thought I might actually provide a link for this person who may not have heard of Split Enz. In doing so I discovered this messageboard. I'd seen this site before but somehow didn't see the messageboard. Dam. What a shame. I could have been here a long time ago!

Anyway, I was totally amazed to learn that Phil is doing a new album, and very excited to hear it. I've been a big phan of Phil Judd and his unique sound since I was really little. My Dad had the Second Thoughts record when I was about 2 and played it at me a lot. I don't remember it from then but I'm sure somehow it sunk in. Much later on I heard "countin the beat" when I was about 6 or 7, cos my Uncle had the record and I played it all the time. This was when I started to get into music and thought the singer sounded really English!
From then on I discovered Split Enz.

The two new songs sound very Phil like, but have more to them than either The Swingers or Schnell Fenster. I really liked a lot of Schnell Fenster, but felt some of the songs were not quite as good as others. Of the two Fenster albums, Okay Alright is the harder to get used to and I remember being sooo excited seeing Fenster for the first time and thinking it was like a new and different Split Enz, with the amazing sound and the incredible arty visuals. So far though, the new Phil Songs seem even catchier and full of more depth. No disrespect to the other Fensters, but I think maybe Phil has done something awesome in totally his own space.

Thanks so much Jaffaman for putting these songs up and thanks to Phil for allowing them to be put up.

I don't pretend to know what Phil is like or who he is, or what kind of person he is, and don't think it's that important. I like the sounds that he makes, and have marvelled at the visual art he has produced that I have seen. Thankyou Phil, if you still check this forum out, you're a true artist. Much appreciated.
Please keep producing material that we can appreciate, in whatever form.

Parallelexism aka controlFunction
I must admit listening to these two songs (which are fantastic and so refreshingly uncommercial) that he seems to have drawn on the best from Split Enz, Swingers and Schnell Fenster. What's going on with Phil 'Tom Waites' Judd (or I could say Phil 'Tim Finn circa 1995" Judd Smiler ) on I'm In Love? Is it deliberate to make the song even dodgier (those lyrics in that voice are hysterical and I mean all of this in a goodway) or was it a rough week?
NUDESFLASH: Another mp3 from the "Novelty Act" album will be uploaded later this week.

Phil has been taking a break from the album project for the past few months but is intending to record more songs in April. By then, filming of the promotional video(s) should also be underway. The website's on hold for now.
Fantastic. Hope you're okay Phil. We're all looking forward to your new work. Personally, I'll promote the arse off it. Have been listening to an awful lof of stuff lately but keep coming back to the two Novelty Act demos and loving them. Works of Art. I regret not getting here early enough to actually speak with you. That would be a bit of trip and pretty cool. Don't know if you'll read any of this but I'm sure Jaffaman or someone will at least convey the enthusiasm. Again, love your stuff. Keep it up.

love and respect
Parallelexism aka Jules
Wow! These clips sound great! You can tell that Novelty Act will be Phil Judd fully unleashed! He's letting loose his whole arsenal-size bag of tricks and one gets the feeling this might be his most personal statement in music yet.

Everything's relative and all that, but in the context of the here and now and in the realm of his pop music endeavours, Novelty Act is shaping up to be his greatest work yet.

Upon it's release, I've made a vow to come out of my semi-retirement as a music journalist. I will be writing a review of Novelty Act. So far, nothing else has gotten me excited enough to start writing about music again.

Thank you, Phil! Thank you, Jaffa!...for these great previews. I hope Phil is feeling much better and that his ill health was nothing serious.
By "clips," I meant "small bits of things" -- in other words, these latest song samples from Novelty Act that Jaffaman has posted. I haven't seen any video clips. I was just hoping more people might post their opinions about these latest song samples, since there have not been many responses.
Bloody ****

Just downloaded the two new samples. I got Novelty Act actually yesterday or so and found out of the the four it took a couple of more listens to really get, but it's awesome too.

I thought "Nobody's Best Friend" had some heavy **** in it until I heard the "Fire Extinguisher" sample.
This album so far, sounds so diverse, it sounds really incredible. I am a huge fan of music and have a very diverse taste from 16th Century Choral Music, to Erik Satie, Naglfar, Devin Townsend, Pink Floyd, Frontline Assembly, Primus, King Missile, Tom Waits, Biftek, The Cure, The Clouds, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Enya and Slayer and so far, from what we have heard, think this new album form Phil, is absolutely extraordinary.

Once again, I repeat, I will do whatever I can to promote this. I have been already.
This is really amazing stuff. Original, incredible, heavy, amusing, powerful, and extremely intelligent.

Truly another work of Art from an amazing Artist.
Ok, I�ve been slow in reacting to this thread. Kind of difficul to convey both my 29 years love of Phil music and the absolute shock of disovering those new tracks. There�s pain and humour, violence and sweetness, a totally, hugely personal appproach to music. A world of his own making. Kinda disturbing sometimes� I remember listening to the Schnells and feeling really both extatic and a a little uneasy. Not that I mind that, I like to feel uneasy / distrurbed �Fun House� by the Srooges, Nick Cave, Alex Harvey, Tim & Jeff Buckley, the Godz. It�s that voice you know, like an angel or a sick child.
Ok, so maybe I�ve just made a fool of myself but hey, Phil Judd�s making some new music�"Heaven, I'm in heaven" (Irving Berlin)
�Nuff said.
Yeah, the first 2 full length songs (No One's Best Man and I'm In Lover With A Girl I've Never Met) are nothing short of masterpieces. Having now lived with them for a few months, I'm even starting to think that [*wait for it...*] they might even be an improvement on such classics like Titus and Sweet Dreams. How someone can come back out of obscurity after 15 years of releasing nothing and then... this... well it astounds me.

But listening to these new Phil songs (and the 2 new samples) just has me keep wondering & wondering that *IF* Phil ever got together with Neil Finn (we've already heard Tim & Phil), what the collaboration would sound like; I just think those 2 geniuses could create something even more special with their special blends of music. Now to bug someone to do a mash-up!

Thanks Jaffa!
Absolutely brilliant, the latest two... this is going to be one hell of an album. Thanks Jaffaman... any positive feedback you're able to convey to Phil about these songs... well, they're just the most amazing, spine-tingling songs I think I've ever heard...

Love that "oooh walking with my tail between my legs"...
Confused I couldn't get these online songs to play on my computer. Typical Wink

I'd love to hear the lyrics to these songs.

Jaffa, would it be breaching any copyright or anything to post the lyrics?

Otherwise, anyone, any ideas on how I can hear these songs? From the comments already made, I'm now drooling too Roll Eyes
Absolutely not. As I mentioned last month, Phil was distracted by ill health for a while but he's back working on the project again and having a ball. He's currently working on the visual side of things and might possibly be recording a few new songs.
It'll be at least the end of the year before you'll see anything on CD, although "No One's Best Man" will have its radio debut on National Radio in NZ on Sunday 8th May.
Yeah, it seems that few took heed of the fact that you mentioned Phil had some health issues that put the album on hold. More well wishes and positive comments about the song previews would be more enouraging to Phil than some of this impatient jibber jabber I see posted on here from time to time. As for me, I know Novelty Act is going to be great and I'm happy to wait as long as it takes for Phil to complete it and feel it's ready for the world.

Jaffa, does NZ National Radio have live Internet streams now? I'd love to hear the debut broadcast of "No One's Best Man." I haven't been able to listen to the archived Enzology shows, but I'll keep trying.

Thanks for this latest update and for being a great spokesperson for Phil!
National Radio doesn't stream live and the Enzology files are not accessible to those outside NZ (nor even to most ISPs within NZ)... at present. Hopefully all this will change before the end of the year. So much red tape from so many parties, it's crazy and very frustrating!

The broadcast version of "No One's Best Man" will be the same that you've already heard, anyway.

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