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Just over a week until the Notts gig and hopefully we'll have some great reviews to read here on the Notts thread.
I'm keen for a meet up as there seems to be a lot of Frenz heading that way. As I have no clue about Notts and some of you LIVE there I would like some suggestions. If there is a pub near the arena that would be ideal. I know some fans might want to see the guys going in as well as coming out so that makes it easier for them.
How do we spot each other? Either a tshirt or a yellow frenz badge will do the trick. If you have neither I'm easy to spot as I'm tiny, under 5ft, straight blonde hair and I will be proudly badge wearing (oh and speaking in a Geordie accent) Smiler

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I am all up for a meet as well. After getting the train up from Surrey and finding my hotel I am planning on watching the footy (Chelsea vs West Ham, I am a hammer)


The Company Inn
Castle Wharf
Canal Street

Not that far away from the arena I feel although I have only looked on a map never been there before! Expect there are establisments closer so if anyone is in the know then please post........
I could recommend the Bunkers Hill Inn, which is right next to the venue (on Hockley). It has a superb range of local beers for those into real ale and are willing to try some local fare (that'll be me then.)

It will get busy just before gig time but is an excellent place to meet up.

For those coming by car, be warned, there is no parking on or near the venue. I would strongly recommend parking one of the major multi-storey car parks. Broadmarsh (to the south of Arena) has an excellent security record and,although not closest won't be choc full of fans all leaving at the same time... There is an NCP but a) will be bloody expensive and b) will be choc full of fans leaving at the same time. You Have Been Warned.

For those wanting something a little different and are prepared for a walk (ten minutes tops) I'd recommend a visit to The Bell Inn next to our recently refurbished super duper Market Place complete (for the festive season) with outdoor ice rink (£7 for half an hour, I believe.) Possibly the only time in your life you'll be able to ice skate outdoors before a gig...

Or perhaps, you might wish to try Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, near the Castle. A pub carved (literally) out of rock, each of it's rooms is a cave... It's the second oldest (after The Bell) pub in the world, although they'll try to convince you they're the oldest.

Nottingham has an excellent night scene so anywhere in or around the Market Place will be good value. There are literally dozens of pubs from the tiny indies to two Weatherspoons if you fancy some good quality grub and a quiet atmosphere.

Alternatively, there's Canalside, which features several venues all of which are excellent.

For those wanting to get into the Antipodean experience there's also Walkabout (personally, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, but there you go).

In summary, anywhere near the Market Place would be fine but for sheer ease, I'd suggest any meet-ups take place in Bunker's Hill. It is literally right next to the venue so it seems an obvious choice. If I find the time I might even pop in for a swift pint of Mansfield meself...

Thanks to Paul H for all the local Nottingham info. Been to the Royal Centre a few times but this will be first time at the Arena. Advice re parking very useful but may not have time to meet up at the Bunker.

Wifey and me are season ticket holders at Northampton Saints (Roll Back the Tombstone!) so will be heading straight to Nottingham after the game Saturday afternoon. Incidentally, when the Finns played the Royal centre in '04, Pat Howard and Darly Gibson - both then with Leics Tigers - were spotted in the audience. With a heavy Kiwi influence at the Saints, we may not be the only ones speeding up the M1 after the game.

Sorry may not have time for the Bunker but can confirm my availability for the life members aftershow party WinkGryphon: please note! Wink
Paul H
Excellent preview of pubs, parking etc - makes life easier when driving across from Lincolnshire on Saturday. Quick question, I assume you're the same Paul H as was at the Finn Brothers gig in Dublin, June 2006 and I met in the Long Bar (Nick Seymour's local) in the town before the gig ?! Was logged on as Anglophile at the time but since returned to the UK and re-registered. From memory you accused me of having no shame after sticking my head in the tour mini bus to shake Neil's hand ! Guilty as charged - will be on my feet singing my head off on saturday, even with the wife and kids (10 and 13) in tow !

Look forward to meeting up with a few like minded souls on saturday.


Yep, that's me. Still here after all these years Smiler

God, I'd forgotten about that. Welcome back, Andy. Yeah, you stuck your head in the van. Still can't believe you did that. Nice work though.

If coming from Lincs, I guess you're coming in on the A52? I'd recommend parking in the Broadmarsh car park. If you need advice on how to get to it, PM me.

Same goes for anyone else. If you need directions/suggestions etc, PM me.
Hi all I am off to the Nottingham gig this saturday. Where is everyone sitting? I am in block BC i think thats second block back on the let but at least it is front row!! Anyone else sitting there? Also anyone been to a gig on this tour already? I am getting picked up after and my lift would like to know what time roughly its likely to finish. Is about 11pm about right?

I can't wait! My 3rd finn gig ever and only my second ever CH gig. I will be wearing my neil finn square badge proudly should anyone want to come say Hi!! I will be with my sis and we both have short bobbed blonde hair.

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