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Lookin' forward to it immensely. Would LOVE to hear Throw Your Arms Around Me. Think we could get a chant going??

Either that or "Joe Kinner's a football genius"...

Seriously though, Neil always plays well in Nottingham. Don't know whether that's because he always plays well everywhere, because we've been lucky or because he likes the venue/crowd.

Regardless, I hope we're in for a cracker!
Looking foward to it, I'm second row bang in the centre.

Did anyone see Neil Finn at the RCH when at the end of the show two women started fighting at the front of the stage? People were leaving then kind of stayed seated to watch !!!
I've never missed an NF/CH gig in Nottingham but I don't recall that happening!

Which tour was that?? I was front row for the One Nil tour and was front row first tier for TWT and I can't think I've ever seen a fight...
It was on the Try Whistling This tour, I was sat right behind them and it was so funny.

I don't know if you remember it but during the gig when Neil was doing a guitar solo on the edge of the stage, towards the end, this women went as close to the stage as possible and took a picture with a flash and it blinded me behind, so how Neil managed to carry on god only knows, anyway it was this woman that had the fight. It was after the show when people were leaving, I don't know what it was about but they were really going for it. Maybe you'd left by then.

Enjoy the gig, everyone thats going...
lol fingers crossed for no violence tonight then! Am very giddy right now, will no doubt write my thoughts later!
I've just been treated to having a bit of the gig played down the phone to me. Johnny Marr was there AGAIN apparently, and I've just heard them do Teenage Kicks again. Is there a theme running here for the rest of the tour, or is it just these two shows?
oh man...what a show. I'm on a rollercoaster of highs and so will have to forget trying to write out a setlist.

However there was a fabulous combination (for me anyway) of Split Enz and Crowded House tunes mixed with the usual Finn Brothers stuff...that means we were treated to not only Better Be Home Soon, but Distant Sun as well!

Johnny Marr did indeed appear again and there was another tribute to the late great John Peel in the form of 'Teenage Kicks'. The whole theatre also sang happy birthday to Eddie Vedder. Bizarre!

What capped of a perfect night for me was being able to get my copy of EIH signed and a photo taken with me and neil. Tim and Johny seemed to do the sensible thing and run at the first sign of opportunity, but good old Neil made sure he signed everything before he was eventually hearded off by a very odd security guard wearing a craig david t-shirt. No, REALLY! hehe, a fantastic night, well done lads Smiler
hi just come back from the gig, just breath taking, Neil wore a red shirt with a black striped waist coat, Tim with black striped trousers white shirt, they started with wont give in, then just a blur, fantastic, got to hear Tim playing Persuation, but no Neil on harmony vocals, Johnny Marr came on in the middle of 4 seasons, then played Teenage kicks, followed by there is a light, then 12 string on weather with you!, Neil was on form, i got to shout out Get on with it!! when he asked for hecklers!! Angels Heap was amazing, though the highlight for me was Only talking sense truly breathtaking the best ive heard them or Neil play it! Distant Sun was great to. Tim Smith is looking like a lost Beatle every time i see him cool. Big thanks to the two guys selling the T-shirts, they managed to get me a signed poster done it will look so cool in a frame

I must have been a couple of rows in front of you if you were the "Get on with it" heckler! Wonderful night wasn't it?

Highlight for me was Suffer Never. I just couldn't keep still in my seat. And why the crowd never rose during Distant Sun and It's Only Natural I'll never know.

There was another chap on my row who seemed to be of the same opinion - we were bouncing around like lemons and wondering why no-one else was.

I also noticed he was phoning Teenage Kicks to someone, was that you on the end of that call, Dreamer??
Originally posted by Paul H:
[qb]There was another chap on my row who seemed to be of the same opinion - we were bouncing around like lemons and wondering why no-one else was.

I also noticed he was phoning Teenage Kicks to someone, was that you on the end of that call, Dreamer?? [/qb]
If he was shuffling round wanting to dance, then very probably Roll Eyes , the phone call was actually from when Johnny Marr came on to Weather with You I think, got a bit of I Got You later on too. Great mate.
A brilliant gig. Agree that Angels heap was amazing, a beautiful, beautiful version. Did anybody get the full set list? My memory is starting to fail me. The attitude of some of the other people in the front row absolutely amazed me. I admit I left it a little later to stand than I had done elsewhere - settled for 'chairdancing' for a bit longer, but when I did, the woman next to me actually kicked me several times to make me stand still - I ignored her so have several bruises, but still! (Glad I didn't get into a fight with her, after reading that that seems to be a Nottingham tradition!)
anna - sorry to hear you got that kind of reaction just for trying to inject some much needed energy. Were you just to the left of the middle? Cause when I scanned the front occasionally there only seemed to be one or two people who were making ANY movement at all. Good on ya I say -I really hope this sort of thing isn't going to happen at London!

Also still on a bit of a high from last night Smiler

oh and I also regret to say that I knew some of the scantily dressed men walking around nottingham last nite - how embarrassing Red Face
Yeah I was just left of centre. Must admit I was a little more reserved than normal last night as I felt a little 'visible' after the whole evil securitiness of the pit the night before at Liverpool.
I was second row center, I had a cream sweatshirt on, I agree I was on of those dancing like crazy in my seat, but when the time cam I was one of the first up.

Directly in front of me were 2 60 - 70 year olds and during Distant Sun, 2 women appeared from no where and stood directly in front of them, which isn't really on though is it..

To stick up for non-standers slightly though, it was the middle of the week and I've found that does affect things at some gigs, People are tired etc, I mean I was knackered, I'd been up since 6 and had not been home, going straight from work. Didn't stop me though.. Also I found it a great thinking gig, just listening to the melodies and words

All in all great gig, set list is below...

Won't Give in
Life Between Us
Poor Boy
Better be home soon
Suffer Never
Disembodied voices
Angels heap
Part of me, Part of you
Only talking sense
Edible flowers
Anything could happen
Distant Sun
Its only natural
4 seasons
There is a light
Teenage Kicks
Weather with you
Nothing wrong with you
All the colours
I got you.

Anyone want a free typed setlist? I have a couple from the show if interested, pm me.

you just beat me to it with the set list Smiler I think you were sat directly in front of my girlfriend. Apologies if my chairdancing irritated but, god, I needed a boogie Smiler

I felt sorry for the girls dancing because we all wanted to but the RCH just isn't built to encourage it and no one else followed suit.

I also think that anyone older than 50 should be banned from the front row (I won't agree when I'm 50 but if Neil's still touring by then, I'll be a happy chappie): poor Neil had two real older types who just sat/stood stairing like they'd found themselves in the wrong place and didn't know how to get out...

Must have been very disconcerting for Neil. Regardless, an amazing night. How's about we all petition Peter Green to get the gig issued on a fan club CD...

Do you remember which of the songs made us which encore sets? If past history on the tour is any indication, there were likely two encores.

Also, do you know of which songs Johnny Marr played a part?

The first encore started with 4 seasons and ended with Weather with you, the second encore started with Nothing wrong with you.

Johnny Marr came onstage in the middle of 4 seasons and stayed onstage till thge end of the first encore.
Good deal -- thanks. Just as in the "Seven Worlds Collide" shows, when Johnny comes out of the shadows unexpectedly as he begins to play harmonica, the crowd must've gone nuts.
Yeah, er, nuts Smiler

This is Nottingham you're talking about, Romer. I suppose if nuts is relative, then yeah, the crowd went it... (see previous comments about lack of audience "get up and go")
Finns well supported in the audience by southern hemisphere rugby stars. Saw Daryl Gibson (All Blacks) and Pat Howard (Aussie) both currently at Leicester Tigers. Respect guys, from a Northampton Saints fan!

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