So this came to mind from the W2S forum On the Radio, where Debbie had started a thread about what a new name for CH could be...

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"not your father's crowded house" could be made into a song to the tune of "not the girl you think you are"...

And so I did. Wink Put on the song as you read it. Sing along, even-I tried really hard to make most of the rhythms similar as well as the syllables. Enjoy!!!

Not Your Father's Crowded House

We're not your father's Crowded House, no no
We've got new tunes to fill your head, yeah yeah
We'll take you places on our tour
That you won't forget, no

And all the Crowdies that you know, yeah yeah
Will rock on out as we come by, mmm
We won't be hard to recognize
Without Hessie, and our fans screaming, screaming

We won't deceive you
We're telling the truth
Ladies, we'll be on tour soon
So please write us letters
And tell us you'll be there
Come on, we want you to dance like madmen

We're not your father's Crowded House, yeah yeah
If someone's sitting in your place,
Ask them to move so you can see us all
We'll sing Pineapple Head, Pineapple Head

We want to see you
Move to our new tunes
Ladies, sorry, we're married!
So write us those letters
We won't take excuses
Come on, make us number one on the world charts

Come to the venue
Get out of your seat
Crowdies, we're counting on you
We're not your father's Crowded House, ooh
From Te Awamutu
We're not your father's Crowded House, yeah
New fans, see you too
We're not your father's Crowded House
Precious, precious thing, you are the song that makes me sing... Neil: "Ashley Dean, where is she? Thank you Ashley for your kind words." 8/13/07
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