If you live in Melbourne, try and make it to this Forum, it's Free and open to the public. The Enz costumes are a really interesting area of the band, so come along and ask Noel some questions etc. See you there.
Noel Crombie will be discussing designing for Split Enz in a Designers Forum
in the Arts Centre's Fairfax Studio Foyer at 3pm on Sunday 28 September.
This is a free event and will also feature Mark Burnett who designed
costumes for Kylie Minogue's Intimate and Live concert in 1998. The forum
will be facilitated by designer Wendy Black who lectures at Swinburne
University's Costume Design course.
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Well if this isn't a reboot of a thread, I don't know what is! Turns out, I didn't have "I see red" (by split enz) on my phone, so I you tubed it and saw comments calling it clowns. It wasn't quite as simple as that, there's another word to describe noel's outfits that he did for the band but for the life of me, I can't recall! Helps turning 50 next month, lol. I dressed up like it in 87 (sweet dreams) and I alienated a lot of "friends" through the weirdness of their music and vids...I don't even know why I'm appealing here, everyone is on Facebook, lolol. Funny tho that Peter posted and no one replied, in 2003. I'm so jealous! Was too busy moving here!

Anyway, it's one word, I'm pretty sure French, that describes the noel costumery. It's in the books I have but they're in boxes (hangs head in shame)

Can anyone remind me gently? So I can teach the young'uns gently? ☺





Lol, when Peter posted this I was on the road, 2 days in, from florida to Canada...wow. anyway~~~~unless it was north American time, then I was already there.

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Yes! The word actually came to me about an hour ago but I couldn't be bothered to finish my own puzzle.

And hello back to you ☺

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