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It's going to get better I promise!!!! you are valued here and it's ok to whine because you know none of us ever do it. nope never. Big Grin I'm sending good homework vibes your way and if you need anything this forum is a good place for support. Look at all of us as having many pen pals. only you don't have to write 50 letters. You still get to connect. PM if you need to. You really a treasured one! Just like Ingrid said and she knows!! Smiler Let us know how your assignment turns out.
Yes life can sure suck sometimes, but if its not a good time, know that there is a time for everything in this funny life we live in...dont try to understand it too much..only gets confusing. And one thing Ive learnt is everything we go thru or do in this life is really just a "moment" and that moment will pass and other new moments come along..Not all good, not all bad, but we go thru them and become the people we are today...doo,doo,do,do,do,do do dont wurrie, bee huppeee..
Originally posted by awamutu:
[qb] but now with the internet i can't seem to find a pen anywhere, hmmm
LOL... awamutu what's a pen? Is it this antique writing utensil, which the dinosaur used???
And what's a letter? Can I find a few of them in the museum???

And don't be sad xor, you'll surely find a penpal. Aren't there any penpal-homepages in the net? Maybe you'll find there a friend from NZ.
It's quite sad though isn't it, that we don't write letters much. Letters are so lovely to keep, you can see the handwriting, send little bits and bobs and sometimes the pages even smell of the person sending them.

I'm just being all nostalgic now as I have 3 boxes of loveletters up in my loft!

Isn't it nice tto to get something other than bills through the letterbox! Big Grin
Wow, thanx everyone, it sure is nice to be loved! Your loverly postings were fantabulous! My assignment got done and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Hurrah! Jessie, I'd love to be your pen pal too! Do you want to do e-mails or snail mails?
awamutu, (love your name, by the way) I'm not in the club, although I wish I was. Do you know if it's still full? I heard it was.
boarderGurl, I'm actually on the Island, but hurrah for BC-ites!!!
tonguetied and athenazilla, in a way, I wish I wasn't treasured cuz that would mean Neil had more fans my age...but the world will one day see the truth...hahaha
Thanx again everyone, I'm not usually that sad, it was just a bad day, I'm usually what people tend to call Smiler Unusually Happy All The Time Smiler , but thanx for your sweet messages!!! Hurrah for young Neil fans the world over!!!!!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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