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the new site is just great. I haven't ever seen such a great and innovative site. There's so much to find out. This shows once again the creativity of neil finn - IMHO. Can't wait to his new album! And if your computer is too slow for - trash it away and buy a new and faster one!
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this is probably a debate for a different thread - maybe I should post it as such - it is something I have been thinking about - but I hopped on the nilfun site - first off I was blown away at the marriage of sound, data and pictures - i work in the technology field and I have never seen a web site like it.

anyway, on to my point.....stumbling onto the crowded house quicktime movies, the listener is treated to demos of original CH songs. It's a treat to hear song that has not yet matured - not yet reached it's pinnacle. But I can't help but wondering the influence of Mitchell Froom. I'm sure the boys hate the comparison, but I liken it to the McCartney/Lennon/Martin arrangement.

For me, some of the most moving arrangements have come on the Froom produced albums, INCLUDING Tim Finn's 89/90 solo album. There is so much atmosphere to his production - I think his work is part of the success and the sound of the band.

I understand why the band went in a different direction with T.A. (Youth) and there is some powerful stuff there - but I can't help but wonder what a Froom-produced Try Whistleling This would have sounded like.

I know, I know - this was Neil's SOLO ALBUM - but I think Paul and John (beatles) knew what lighting in a bottle was with George Martin. The little I've read on the subject, it sounds like Neil would not work with him again, but I think the greatest music comes with COLLABERATION....

Ok, here come the flames!!!!

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