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Now I know that Nigel uses BC Rich basses on many of enz recordings, I keen to know what bass he used on each Enz album he played on? (Sorry Nigel, you are probably getting sick of people pestering you about your basses). He obviously used the BC Rich on Corroboree/ Waiata, and Time and Tide (as per credits) and the Wal on the Luton tapes. I am keen to know what he used on the following:

  • Dizrhythmia (Rickenbacker or Fender Jazz?)
  • Frenzy (Wal?)
  • True Colours (BC Rich?)
  • Conflicting Emotions (BC Rich?)
  • See Ya Round (BC Rich or Gibson Grabber?)

    Once again thanks for the previous info and apologies for the geeky questions, hehe.
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    I think that these are Nigel’s recording basses:

    Rickenbacker for Dizrhythmia,

    custom built Wal for Luton

    Wal + some Rickenbacker(?) for Frenzy

    Rama (rare model) for True Colours

    BC Rich (purple/blue) for Corroboree and Time & Tide (you can see the purple/blue model during the WROK performance)

    Steinberger (+ some BC Rich?) for Conflicting Emotions

    Spector for See Ya Round, all 4 live albums (except 1st 3 tracks on side 4 of The Living Enz is the natural wooden finish BC Rich), + both Schnell Fenster albums.

    Basses for miming only in film clips: Fender Jazz in My Mistake, MusicMan in Give It A Whirl, Fender Precision in One Step Ahead, Gibson G3 in History Never Repeats, I Don’t Wanna Dance, & I Walk Away, tea chest bass in 6 Months In A Leaky Boat, and possibly a Maton(?) for Strait Ol’ Line. Noel made the guitars seen in 3 of the 4 Schnell Fenster clips; the Gibson G3 appears in the 4th (Heroes Let You Down).

    Don’t forget to wish Nigel a Happy Birthday on the 18th; the Enz and the Schnells wouldn’t have nearly been as brilliant without him.

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