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Be sure to celebrate the 18th of August in style as it is Nigel's birthday and - if I understand this correctly - it's a milestone birthday indeed (21 or thereabouts...). Should you have his Sleeper solo album or anything Schnell-wise or a hint of his Octopus/The Cortinas  recordings with his brother Paul OR an Enz tune or so, share the bass with your neighbourhood c/- your own Griggs compilation. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIGEL: hope that you have a great day. Everything in and Split Enz wouldn't have been as rich without you. 

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I bought a copy of Restless Night off Amazon a while back. It was a expanded remaster that claims to be the complete recorded output of Octopus. I can't remember if any of it was originally released while they were still the Cortinas. But there's some really good live stuff at the end, like I Am the Walrus and the Pier Gynt Suite.


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