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Looks like the name for the band that Nick, Paul and Matt ODonnell will be playing in will be:

I've no idea how that name came about, but there will be an album, first track to radio is 'Hand held torch'. There will (I think) be some live dates.... will keep everyone posted, some more info in the upcoming Frenz Newsletter (#60) out very late August.

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anyone have the CD for Tarmac Adam? In an interview with Nick, when the band Tarmac Adam was just starting out, he said the following:

PC: If Crowded House started today would they be an Indie band?

NS: I think so. I don't think anyone would take a risk on Crowded House these days. If we put demos together the way we did in the 80s and went to record execs I am sure we would get the same reply I got for Tarmac Adam. The songs were more accessable and Neil did have a track record because he had written hits with Split Enz but they aren't signing like that anymore. They will sign acts but the acts have to come to them with pretty much a finished album.

I thought it was quite interesting, given the fact that CH are back!
Originally posted by gryphon:
....I've no idea how that name came about......

Just to answer that question (trivial, I know), John McAdam was a Scottish roads engineer in the 18th century and is the pioneer of modern roads construction incorporating raised cambered roads made from graded gravel. These were referred to as macadam roads. In the early 20th century the technique was further improved by adding tar to the mix which helped to bind all the components together and further improved the roads durability. Seeing as this was a further derivation of McAdam's technique, the process was simply termed "Tar Macadam" which subsequently became the further contraction, "Tarmac".

::brrrriiiinnnggg:: Class is dismissed. Wink

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