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I love it; absolutely fantastic melody. I feel like the subject matter (suicide) is treated a little flippantly but there is some irony there. I suppose. Both versions are fine but the middle 8 of the 83 version probably wins for me, though I prefer the original slightly darker lyric. Rear Enz version has tape issue. 78 version is badly mastered and hard on the ears, but otherwise pretty good.

Overall though it’s a melodic, forgotten gem.

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I like both versions of Next Exit. The 83 version wins for me. Time And Tide is perfect tho and clunker free. Pioneer, Six Months, Dirty Creature and Haul Away are the ones the casual listener/fan would know. But Hello Sandy, Log Cabin, Small World and the whole rest of the album is exceptional. And the core of the band (Tim, Ed, Noel, Nigel and Neil) all consider it their best album.

And as the second Next Exit was recorded 83 if it was going to be added to an album it would be Conflicting Emotions from the same year. Time And Tide was 82.



I guess I would drop "Never Ceases to Amaze Me" and "Lost for Words" and replace them with "Next Exit" and "Remember When" (both obviously the later recordings not the Luton versions). For me, the album's momentum just hits a brick wall when you get to NCTAM and LFW, which is a shame because I think "Small World" is one of the best Enz songs.

Here's what I did to make the album more enjoyable for my tastes:

  1. Haul Away 
  2. Dirty Creature
  3. Giant Heartbeat
  4. Small World
  5. Hello Sandy Allen
  6. Next Exit
  7. Make Sense of It
  8. Take A Walk
  9. Pioneer
  10. Six Months in a Leaky Boat
  11. Log Cabin Fever
  12. Remember When

I'm definitely more into early Enz. For me, the best albums are Second Thoughts and Dizrythmia. Time & Tide is certainly a late career high point (compared to Corroboree and Conflicting Emotions), but I don't think its flawless or the band's best work.

And I'm not saying "Next Exit" should be on the greatest hits or anything. I just think it's a catchy little pop tune with a great Neil harmony that I would rather hear over "Never Ceases to Amaze Me" any day.

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